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Losing Weight After Lipo - Exercise and Proper Eating Not Working!

I had lipo of my abdomen, flanks, back, hips and and inner and outer thighs done 4 weeks ago today! I am very pleased with the results so far because... READ MORE

Garlic and Ginger before surgery?

I'm scheduled for liposuction in 9 days. Is eating garlic and ginger problematic? Garlic and ginger supplements are on my "stop" list, but I don't... READ MORE

Must You Eat Less After Lipo, Regardless of Healthy Diet Before Lipo, Because of Having Less Fat Cells?

I have been reading online studies regarding weight gain after Lipo. I am a little confused! Is it true that regardless of a healthy diet with... READ MORE

Extreme Hunger Since Liposuction?

Every since having a big lipo procedure I have found myself to be extrememly hungry. I had my arms, abs (upper/lower), flanks, waist, inner thighs,... READ MORE

Do I Need to Change Eating Habits After Lipo?

I'be been the same weight for years now. I'm currently 5'2" and 110lbs at my heaviest, and lose weight to 105-108 during summers when it gets too hot... READ MORE

Lipo is not for weight loss, but why not remove my saddlebags to reduce hip pain so I can exercise for weight loss?

I have hip pain/arthritis that makes it difficult to walk. I have saddlebags that I KNOW are putting pressure on the hip joint - when I lift the... READ MORE

High def liposuction. Would the six pack abs not go away, even if the candidate does not change his eating habits?

Let's say someone had high def liposuction to see a six pack abs or built chest? Once the six pack abs are there on a person chest the six pack abs... READ MORE

Ultra-diet After Liposuction?

Hi, I'm a very health-nut, eating 1300 calories a day, exercise 5 times a week, and am about 123 lbs at 5'3". I have a few fat bulges... READ MORE

Lipo at 285lbs with a goal weight of 200lbs? (photo)

Hey, I have been on a weight loss program for about 14 months to date, My sw was 345lbs my goal weight is 200lbs my current weight is 284lbs, i have... READ MORE

4 weeks post op Liposuction, what would you suggest I eat to help lose weight? Should I still be wearing compression garment?

What would you suggest i eat to help lose weight, as i havent a clue were to start? also i was told to wear the compression garment for only 3 days... READ MORE

Is Lipo pretty permanent?

Should I worry about eating to much or too late? I don't do it often but I usually don't watch what I eat and I eat late sometimes because of work.... READ MORE

Yikes! Overeating post-lipo? What will happen?

I had liposuction on my belly 10 days ago. The first 5 days I ate very healthy, but for the past 5 days I've been going out with my husband and family... READ MORE

Best procedure for a 22 year old active female with upper body fat? (Photos)

Hello, I'm a 21 year old who has been struggling with upperbody fat. I ride my bike in New York City for 2 hours a day, 4 days a week. I eat fairly... READ MORE

What to do to prevent this after Liposuction?

Hi, regarding my previous question, no doctor is really answering the question. I am saying that by removing fat from a lean body, your leptin levels... READ MORE

I think I may have a buffalo hump on the back of my neck? (photo)

I noticed this "hump" like raised area on the back of my neck slowly appearing over the last year, it recently got worse in the past few months. I am... READ MORE

Why is it important to maintain your normal weight after Lipo?

I have been eating more fruits and veggies with protein shakes and I'm wondering if I start loosing weight, how will this affect my results? READ MORE

Last Meal?

I've been monitoring my diet well in these 30 days prior to my tummy/inner thigh/back/arm lipo. I'm scheduled for tomorrow at 730am. What are your... READ MORE

Should i get liposuction or consult my doctor about weight loss surgery? (photos)

Im 19 and i use to weigh 316 and now im at 286 and ive cut back eating and exercise at the least 4 times a week but i need extra help i have tried... READ MORE

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