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Can Saddlebag Lipo Cause Butt Drooping?

I am a fairly skinny girl, but with outer thighs that stick out more than my hips. I want them removed, but I am afraid that it will make my butt sag.... READ MORE

Can my Butt Crease Be Fixed?

I had liposuction on my outer and inner thighs four months ago. At first, I thought these grooves were caused by the compression garment and thought... READ MORE

Liposuction to Banana Roll, Could this Cause Buttocks to Droop? (photo)

I previously posted a question about buttocks liposuction. I am having liposuction to my inner thighs, outer thighs and hips. Liposuction to outer... READ MORE

2 Weeks Post Facial Liposuction and Chin Implant: Unhappy with Results

It's making me look old.I can't even look at the devastated.what should I do?Also I have lines below both of my cheeks and my chin... READ MORE

Liposuction after sleeve gastrectomy? (Photo)

I had sleeve gastrectomy 7 wks ago. Lost 25LBS. Now 260lbs. I notice since sx my inner thighs are starting to sag a little. I was wondering if getting... READ MORE

Will lipo on my outer hips, thighs, and banana roll make my butt droop? (Photo)

I'm healthy, exercise & lift weights, 5'7", 126lbs & 36 years old with 3 kids. I'm seriously considering tummy tuck, lipo & fat transfer to breasts.... READ MORE

Drooping Buttocks A Result Of Lipo On Thighs Or Aging?

I had liposuction on my thighs six years ago and now my buttocks is flattening and dropping . Could this be the result of the lipo or is it just age?... READ MORE

What is Wrong with my Neck? Fat? Redundant Skin? (photo)

I had submental liposuction about 10 months ago. My chin itself looks OK as does my entire jawline when I am looking forward. However, if I turn my... READ MORE

Will 360° thigh lipo result in drooping of the buttocks and worsening of cellulite? Why is my body so lop-sided? (Photo)

5'2" 115 lbs 23 years. POOR GENETICS. Thighs that won't budge since age 13. I have very solid muscle (gymnast) under the fat, which I believe makes... READ MORE

Will having a bilateral outer thigh cause your buttocks to droop? (photos)

I have a good buttock projection but I dont want to flatten it out by performing an outer thigh lipo. I just want to smooth the edges out. I have been... READ MORE

Will the small area on top of my belly retract after lipo? (Photo)

23 y.o had lipo 13 days ago and Im very satisfy so far with what I see. I know at this stage it's early and I'm still swollen. As shown in the pics,... READ MORE

I'm concern that the fat will droop down after cheek Liposuction. Is this a valid concern or is it extremely uncommon?

I am interested in getting my cheeks (lower/submalar) liposuctioned via VASER and microcanulas or with Aqualyx (a new lipid dissolver). But I am... READ MORE

Too Much Lipo Done?

I had liposuction two weeks ago on the back of my thighs and I feel like the doctor took too much. My butt feels like it droops on my thighs creating... READ MORE

Can muscle be decreased after lipo? I truly feel that the droopy/saggy glut I have after is also muscle related (Photo)

I can follow the glut max muscle line easy on the glut that isnt droppy after surgery. See my profile for pics/info. I cant since surgery really... READ MORE

Can liposuction/fat transfer give me (22F) the results I desire? (Photos)

I lost a lot of weight in the past & would consider myself to now be a fit & healthy woman. I have been in a healthy weight range for over 2.5 yrs. I... READ MORE

I'm in need of Liposuction and a tummy tuck in one surgery, is this possible?

I gained weight, left it unchecked and over time, stretched my belly to a droop. Recently, on a juice fast, i lost 100lbs and its terribly saggy. I... READ MORE

Looking for advice, my current weight is 170 down from 260. Is it possible to correct my body? (Photos)

I do like having pectorals I am NOT trying to eliminate it, that would not make me happy. I would like advice on what a very skilled doctor may be... READ MORE

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