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Can You Refer Me to Surgeon in South Carolina for Cankle Surgery?

I have ugly cankles and want to get them taken care of. What surgical procedure do you recommend, liposuction or another less invasive procedure? How... READ MORE

Doctor Recommendations for Cheek Micro-Liposuction

I had fat grafting to the facial area performed 8 months ago and am very dissatisfied with the results. I am seeking a surgeon that is very... READ MORE

Liposuction Went Wrong: What Next?

I had a liposuction a few years ago in my abdomen. it didn't go well.The doctor took too much fat. I consulted a doctor and he suggest grafting... READ MORE

Buffalo hump removal, looking for the right doctor!

I'm specifically looking for a surgeon who has done several surgeries for buffalo hump removal. I would also get other area done. I'm based in Alberta... READ MORE

Doctor Recommendation for Liposuction in Indiana

I am a model wanting to correct liposuction on the sides of my legs and would like some on the back of my legs. Looking for a Dr. whose main... READ MORE

Doctor Recommendation for Liposuction on African American with Keloids

I am an african american female interested in having liposuction on my tummy. I have keloids, what would be the best procedure to do? How do I locate... READ MORE

Doctor Recommendations for Facial Fat Graft Removal via Liposuction

I previously posted a question here that I believe I worded inaccurately. I'm unhappy with the over-filled results of fat grafting (7months ago)... READ MORE

Where is the cheapest place to get liposuction and/ or a BBL?

I am willing to travel in or out of the US for a good price and quality care. READ MORE

Free Liposuction in Seattle?

I Need Free Liposuction on my Belly Real Bad Where Can I Get It Here in Seattle? READ MORE

Mississippi Liposuction Doctor Recommendations

I live in the Jackson, Mississippi area and would like to know of any good Liposuction providers? I'm looking to have the procedure done myself. READ MORE

Dallas Vaser or Smart Lipo Plastic Surgeon Recommendations?

I am researching Smart Lipo and Vaser LipoSelection. I am very nervous about even considering such a procedure. I have read several reviews urging... READ MORE

Armpit fat! I would like it gone! I have had smart lipo, it didn't work. (photos)

Need a local doctor in Orange County, hopefully a reasonable fee. READ MORE

Looking for a Doctor with Experience in Ankle Liposuction

Who has an extensive experience with valves and ankle liposuction? READ MORE

Comestic Surgeon Vs Plastic Surgeons for Lipo on Stomach Area?

There is an ER doctor who also is a comestic surgeon that does liposuction awake. I am considering letting him do Liposuction on my stomach, flanks,... READ MORE

Good Doctors for Liposuction in Chicago, IL Area?

I'm considering liposuction and I want an idea of where to start looking for doctors in the Chicago area. Any recommendations? READ MORE

Any recommendation for affordable/Inexpensive Liposuction in Houston?

I am a 24 year old female seeking liposuction in my mid-section. I have been financed for 1,000 but I am looking for a doctor in Houston that would be... READ MORE

Would Anyone Recommend Egypt or Malaysia for Saddlebag Liposuction?

Hi. I know this is an american site so I do apologise for the question but I have been looking for a solution for my saddlebags and cellulite for... READ MORE

Looking for Plastic Surgeon to Perform Liposuction in Brooklyn, NY Any Recommendations?

I am intereted in doing liposuction of the abdomen and love handles. Is this procedure one in the same or is it two procedures? I am also interested... READ MORE

Lipedema doc in Texas?

I am looking for a doctor that will diagnose and treat Lipedema, preferably in or near Houston but I am willing to travel anywhere within Texas. READ MORE

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