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External Ultrasound Lipolysis Beneficial At All.??????

Hi , I am Dr from India. There are thousands of centers who advertise External Ultrasound Lipolysis that each sitting of 30 mins reduces 2-5 inches... READ MORE

Who is Qualified to Do Liposuction?

Can any doctor do liposuction, or would I need to see a specialist of some kind?  Thank you. READ MORE

How Do I Know if my Doctor is Board Certified?

My doctor is a member of the "American Society of Lipo-Suction Surgery" as well as an "American Association of Cosmetic School"... READ MORE

Who is more qualified to do my liposuction: dermatologic surgeon or plastic surgeon?

I had a consult with a plastic surgeon and a dermotologist and they both claim to be liposuction specialists.The dermotologist said when they perform... READ MORE

Consultation Fees - Should I Use That As Basis for Choice?

I noticed that some Dr's charge for consultation and others not ...should this be pertinent in choosing a DR to perform liposuction? What criteria... READ MORE

How Can I Tell Which Areas the Doctor Did Lipo?

I got a tummy tuck that included lipo of flanks, inner & outter thighs. The Dr. marked the areas before surgery. After surgery a nurse told me I... READ MORE

What to Do if a Doctor Does Not Do His Job Right?

I've done a liposuction a couple of days ago. I paid to do upper/lower abs and flanks.(paid in cash) But I realized 15 days later that he... READ MORE

6 weeks post-op lipo and doctor and I don't agree on results.

I had lipo on my inner/outer and backs of thighs as well as hips and on the waist. The first two weeks I only walked very slowly on the treadmill and... READ MORE

I have a small sore at the top of the crack of my buttocks. When my doctor sees this, will he cancel my procedure?

I am scheduled for liposuction of the thighs and hips tomorrow. I have a small sore at the top of the crack of my buttocks. When he sees this, will he... READ MORE

Can you see different doctors for different procedures?

I want to have a few procedures done. Liposuction and cellulaze. From my research it appears that some doctors have more experience or have done more... READ MORE

Calf ankle and knees liposuction. (photos)

I would like to know if I am a good candidate for calf ankle and knee Lipo? I live in Chicago so can you suggest me a good doctor that I can make an... READ MORE

What can I do? My lipo is uneven and I'm so miserable! (Photos)

My doctor messed me up and never cared to call or follow up with me. I had my garment on and nothing worked. I had surgery March 14. 2017 any... READ MORE

Am I at fault or my doctor?

I got lipo, was very cold afterwards so I fell asleep next to my space heater and got 2nd degree burns. I was never warned that I'd stay numb nor was... READ MORE

Back liposuction: what is the difference between a couple of incisions and lots of incisions?

Some doctors say only a couple are needed and some say the more they do the better they attack the fat. READ MORE

2 mos post op had Lipo and bbl - doctor no longer avail to consult. (photos)

I had Lipo and now my stomach has these hard lumps. Carboxy treatment was recommended. Will it help? READ MORE

Reason my stomach becomes bigger after liposuction or did my doctor not perform the procedure correctly? (photos)

I wear my garment about 18 hours a day and it still seems to get worse as time goes by. It has been 1.5 months since my procedure. Will I need to just... READ MORE

Where can I get lymphatic drainage massages in NYC? and do I need ultrasound, or anything else?

Had lipo done about 3weeks ago and had some lymphatic drainage massages in Miami which helped alot. I cannot seem to find a lymphatic drainage... READ MORE

What plastic surgeons in Houston have a lot of experience with calf/ankle lipo?

Calf / ankle liposuction is performed much much less than other lipo procedures; because of this, I'm having trouble locating doctors who have... READ MORE

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