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Could my Female Love Handles Be Removed?

They are excessively disproportionate. I am an active runner and I am pretty conscientious about what I eat. I have tried dieting, but I have not been... READ MORE

Does lipo cavitation work for upper arms?

I have previously had a gastric sleeve and lost 100 lb. While I had an overall fat reduction, my arms lost almost no fat. This has left my body... READ MORE

What should I get done on my legs/butt area? My thighs (inner and outer) are too big and my butt is just too much for me (Photo)

My body is very unproportioned thanks to genetics and weight loss many years ago. I weigh 140 lbs but carry it all in my lower body. My top half is... READ MORE

Would I be a good candidate for arm liposuction? (photos)

I am looking in to liposuction for my upper arms, as they look disproportionate when compared to the rest of my body. However I also have stretch... READ MORE

Dr recommends upper body lipo, more than I wanted. Can single area be performed not result in a ridiculous appearance? (Photo)

Dr. said if only love handles were to be done I would look ridiculous and disproportionate as he would need to "blend." As a patient I only want one... READ MORE

Would I have loose skin from arm lipo? (photos)

Would I have loose skin from arm lipo? I hate how my arms aren't proportionate to my body.. I just wanted to know if my arms would benefit from lipo... READ MORE

Lipo of inner thigh? (photos)

I'm getting a TT in a few months and am considering adding in some lipo of my inner thighs. I carry weight around my middle and am afraid a flat tummy... READ MORE

Liposuction or Smart Lipo on Calf and Ankle? (photos)

My right calf down to my ankle is disproportionate and has a strange shape that I've always been embarrassed about. Would lipo, or smart lipo help it... READ MORE

I had a mastectomy on my left breast in 1998 w/ the removal of 9 lymph nodes. Could I have Lipo or arm reduction safely? (photo)

There was no cancer in the lymph nodes but I had adjuvant chemotherapy as a precaution and no radiation. My arms are disproportionately large. Could I... READ MORE

What can I do to slim my lower legs? (photos)

My entire adult life I have had legs that appear to be disproportionately large compared to the rest of my body. It looks like they are always swollen... READ MORE

Does liposuction really make one gain weight in weird places, leading them to be disproportionate?

I'm 23, I exercise daily and eat healthy. I never managed to lose my tummy completely so I've panned an abdominal lipo next month. I've heard that... READ MORE

Will Liposuction help with my arms or do I need to undergo a lower body lift? (photos)

I've recently lost a large amount of weight and undergone a lower body lift this past July. While I'm super happy with the results, my arms now look... READ MORE

Arms look disproportionately bigger after bbl

I had my BBL a month ago and the doctor took fat from my upper and lower tummy, upper and lower back (flanks). I'm 127 lbs both pre and post op. After... READ MORE

Most effective, no downtime belly fat removal from otherwise thin girl?

. I am not over weight and look rather thin small framed but have always had this disportioned shape whereas thin everywhere but this lower belly fat.... READ MORE

Liposuction assisted bilateral flank lipectomy with mini tummy tuck. Any suggestions?

Hello, I am a close to having a liposuction assisted bilateral flank lipectomy with mini tummy tuck. The liposuction is for the upper outer thigh area... READ MORE

Will liposuction work for extra arm fat? (Photos)

I've always felt like my arms are disproportionate to the rest of my body. I lose weight and the get a little smaller, but not like the rest of my... READ MORE

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