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Hardness of Lower Abdomen, Very Painful. Is This Normal Post Agressive Lipo?

Hi, I am 30Yold- 120kgs (264 P) ; had an aggr Wet Lipo on 21 March (General Anesthesia with 3 days hospitalization)- my doc removed 12 Liters combined... READ MORE

Discomfort 10 Months After Liposuction

I had liposuction on my abdomen about 10 months ago. It has been feeling great. However, the last few weeks, it has started to feel uncomfortable – k... READ MORE

Three Weeks After Stomach and Love Handle Lipo: Normal to Have More Discomfort Than Week 2?

Weeks 1 and 2 were not pleasant but after the drains were removed 1.5 weeks in, things got much better, fairly quickly. But the last few days I've had... READ MORE

How long will it take to see results on my upper abdomen after tickle lipo?

Tickle liposuction done yesterday 300cc taken out I barely felt any pain only felt a little bit of discomfort not much swelling I'm able to bend and... READ MORE

Is it too late to wear compression garment at 3 wks after Liposuction?

I had liposuction of the abdomen 3 weeks ago, I only wore my garment for the first week then stopped because of discomfort and it digging into my skin... READ MORE

Is my pain almost 3 months after Liposuction still considered normal? (Photo)

I had Luposuction of the stomach, back and side flanks in 11/2015. I had about 7000cc's removed & I still have A LOT of discomfort and sometimes full... READ MORE

5 days post op, I'm wearing compression device. Are spanx ok?

I am 5 days post lipo of the flanks and upper back and lower abdomen. I am in a lot of pain and trying my best to wear my compression device. I was... READ MORE

Legs from inner and outer thigh standard lipo appears thinner 2 days vs 4 days post op. Any suggestions?

Hi, I am 8 days post of from inner and outer thigh standard liposuction. I am 5'8" and weigh 130lb. Two days after wearing my garment 24/7 I removed... READ MORE

Has wearing an incorrect, ill-fitting garment created indentations and is it permanent? (photos)

I was given an ill-fitting garment, worn for 2 weeks post-op, it scrunched up, caused discomfort & dug into the surgery areas. A new garment was given... READ MORE

Liposuction pain and discomfort?

They tell me the gold standard in removing excess fat is liposuction, but I cannot be wearing a garment underneath my cloth everywhere I go for weeks... READ MORE

Was a good candidate for Lipo? Not pleased with my contour so far. 2 weeks post op. Do my pictures look normal? (photo)

I have a few concerns about the water lipo I received in my stomach/hips. is it normal to feel discomfort/pain during water lipo? I was under local... READ MORE

What is this? Why is is it angry? I know when I have upset the area as I feel pain and discomfort. (photos)

I have no idea what is going on with my tummy after liposuction in 2013 I got a dent. I went back a second time told PS was going to feather it out,... READ MORE

Lipo garment tight for the first 4 days after procedure. Day 11 showing irregularity. Is this right? (Photo)

After tightening the garment on day 11 after surgery she had to loosen back to the first settings since it was causing some discomfort. When she took... READ MORE

How long is recovery?

I'm 34 days post Lipo, and still feel discomfort. When my husband tries to get intimate, he rubs my body and hurts as tho my inside walls are still... READ MORE

Lipo pain/swelling - 4 days post-op. (photo)

I had lipo on my abdomen and flanks 4 days ago. The lower abdomen area feels extremely tight and heavy, like i have a belt full of weights attached to... READ MORE

9 days after abdominal and back liposuction I'm getting concerned about swelling?

After 9 days I feel very swelling and discomfort, on day 5 the swelling gets better but two days later swelling back. Get a little concerned just... READ MORE

I weight more on the scales. I am more swollen, it is 24 days since my triplex lipo. Any suggestions ?

Is this normal , to Weigh more , look bigger , especially abdomen 24 days after lipo . I am wearing my compression garment 24 hours a day . I have... READ MORE

I've had Liposuction done over 9 days ago and issues with pressure garment

I've been advised to wear the pressure garment for 3weeks 24 hours a day, however last 2 days I've been having alot of discomfort middle of stomach... READ MORE

I have horrible scar tissue on my lower back/upper butt. Is this normal? (Photo)

Lipo suction of the lower back upper butt leaving horrific scar tissue. Pain and discomfort. What can I do? Besides for massages. READ MORE

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