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Is Liposuction Dangerous for Athletes?

I am worried about having laser liposuction after reading about bumps and possible larger weight gain after the procedure. I am a thin distance runner... READ MORE

Lidocaine and Metoprolol

I had a full tummy tuck and lipo in April 2010 and I have some areas on my hips that are kind of lumpy looking so my PS offered to do in-office lipo... READ MORE

Liposuction Dangers .. and How to Avoid? (photo)

I'm a 41 year old male and have given up hope that I will ever be able to get rid of my love handles with diet and exercise, I go to the gym 4... READ MORE

Liposuction Dangers

I thank doctors on here for being very honest about the risk of surgery with a the wrong doctor. Can you please provide me with a list of dangers that... READ MORE

Is it risky to have Body Contouring/Liposuction while on Humira?

•I am 35 year old female. •Diagnosed Psoriatic Arthritis, otherwise healthy. •wanting work on thighs flanks •how dangerous is this? •how common is... READ MORE

Is Lyrica considerd a blood thinner?

Hello, im having a liposuction/ fat transfer/body sculpting in a week, and ive been taking lyrica on and off for about 2 years. Like every procedure,... READ MORE

DMSO before surgery?

The days before liposuction is dangerous to use dmso topically? There is a risk of dangerous interaction or contrast between dmso and anesthesia?... READ MORE

Do lipolysis injections work?

Does lipolysis injections works? Are the fat reduction permanent? Are there any dangers or complications with this procedure? Could you use it... READ MORE

Are IV fluids dangerous after liposuction?

I read that Iv fluids after lipo may increase the risk developing pulmonary edema and are contraindicated. I have IBD and i am always a little... READ MORE

What is the risk percentage of death from lipo in 2015 on a mostly healthy 19 year old, by a board certified plastic surgeon?

Interviewed doctors,I have my mind made up mostly that I want this,left all other options behind,only thing holding me back is the chance of death.How... READ MORE

What dangers can occur during and after liposuction surgery?

Hi I am a 25 year old student who is residing in baltimore, maryland. I recently have been considering having liposuction surgery at johns hopkins... READ MORE

Is cheek liposuction dangerous???

What are the risks to this procedure??? I had a chin implant very unhappy very little minor results and will definitely get a bigger implant in the... READ MORE

Lipo with Local Anesthesia is it really dangerous? Is Lipo with General Anesthesia more dangerous than the Local?

Hi, I'm 18 years old. I'm about to make a very important decision, I went to the doctor today to do an evaluation of my body, to do an lipo with local... READ MORE

How dangerous is a second liposuction if fat is harvested from the same areas?

Are there extra complications if there is a second liposuction done in the upper legs? There will be 6 months in between the surgeries (under general... READ MORE

Any doctors in the Dominican republic they contour, shape, there clients (hour glass)? Is it dangerous to the body? (photo)

Is there a reason why doctors would not be ok with me requesting a tummy tuck and asked to get shaped, contour as close as they can get me to a hour... READ MORE

I'm a mother of 6 children. I've had a total of 5 c-sections. Can I have liposuction done?

I heard that because I've had so many c-sections that it would be dangerous to get lipo done. But I really need it, I would really like a Brazilian... READ MORE

DMSO after fat grafting+liposuction for bruise and swelling the day after surgery?

Is possible to use DMSO after fat grafting+liposuction for bruise and swelling the day after surgery? The dmso can dissolve fat grat grafting? If lipo... READ MORE

Must I stop taking low doses of Ephedrine before Liposuction and a Breast lift?

I am taking ephedrine two or three times a day at 12.5mg each tablet. Do I need to stop taking this before surgery, and, if so, how long before? What... READ MORE

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