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Fat Transfter After Lipo Made Me Boxy?

I used to have very big love handles, which made for a very extreme waistline curve, which I loved. I had lipo of my back and inner thighs, and my... READ MORE

Could I have a smaller waist if I have lipo for stomach and love handles? (Photo)

I would love to have a smaller waist I am Apple shaped I feel if my waist was smaller I would have a more curvier body shape READ MORE

Should I be worried? I had butter lip and the first day the results looked great, now its looking curvy (Photo)

My hips and saddlebags were my main concern and now it seems that they are regressing. Is that normal? I keep my girdle on at all times even got a... READ MORE

What does lipo of the outer thigh involve?

I was told it is used to remove the fat from your saddle bag. I just want smaller thighs so should I get inner thigh lipo instead. Will inner thigh... READ MORE

Would you suggest or think I would be a good candidate for some sort of Liposuction? (photos)

I have a naturally more athletic build. I am scheduled for breast augmentation going 400 silicone moderate profile. Possibly considering high profile.... READ MORE

Can I fix too much fat taken out in tummy from lipo? Will I ever grow fat again in my tummy? (photo)

I had lipo done about a year ago. I only wanted my flanks done, but the doctor ended up doing, without my approval, my abdominal so that my tummy can... READ MORE

How much fat can be taken out with lipo?

I am 5'1 135 and curvy with trouble some areas such as my thighs & stomach/flanks. Is there a limit on how much fat can be taken out? READ MORE

I would like to have Lipo done on my mid section to get curvier shape and nicer looking butt . Would Lipo alone work? (photo)

Im 29 , 5'3 and 135 lbs really just want a super flat stomach / aggressive lipo and to look as though I have hips and a nice but. Please send me a... READ MORE

I've had Liposuction on March 19, 2015. However I have lumps and curves. It looks like its botched. Any suggestions? (photos)

I would like to know what can I do to speed up the healing process or what revision would be necessary? The doctor from the Philippines said that some... READ MORE

34yr Old Mom with Pcos and Asthma.

I had the asthma even when thin not connected to weight. I have come to grip with the fact that I will most likely never be thin again. But I would... READ MORE

I don't think enough fat was removed. What can I do?

This is what was removed on Mar 3 2015....i look no different. I'm swollen but I see no change at all ..i had my flanks upper n lower abs. My lower... READ MORE

Will flank lipo be enough? (Photo)

I am planning on flank lipo with fat transfer to the hips only to obtain a curvier figure. Will the flanks typically provide enough fat? Im hoping at... READ MORE

Is lipo a good option? Don't want to lose my curves, just take away the jiggle that causes chafing in the hot summer! (photo)

I have a question regarding realistic results I can expect from Liposuction. I'm 5 4 and weigh 147 pounds. My measurements are 37-28-39.5. I'm looking... READ MORE

Do I have bilateral dog ears? Will lipo posterior hips, upper and lower abdomen give me a curvy body? Where else do I need lipo?

My PS performed a TT 1 year ago. I will be having lipo on top & bottom abdomen & posterior hips. He would like to do scar revision move down the... READ MORE

I'm currently 178lbs. I'm getting lipo only of my upper body and a tummy tuck. Any suggestions?

If i lose weight and get down to about 165-155 after surgery by working out and a healthy diet will my tummy and waist still be small and defined?... READ MORE

Will liposuction alone give me a nice to hip ratio (under 0.7)?

I have a big belly of 30 inches. With lipo I will be able to have a 24 inch waist. Will this give a more attractive waist to hip ratio? My hips... READ MORE

If I get lipo on flanks, waist and thigh, will this make the hip area look more curvy?

If I get lipo on flanks, waist and thigh will this make the hip area look more curvier? I had some hips before but now look square. Not interested in... READ MORE

I was 80 kg now I'm 75kg. Will I lose more weight?

I was 80 kg i did a liposuction 3 weeks ago, now im at my forth week i lost 5 kg after removing 10 liter fat from back and legs. I see changes but... READ MORE

I want to get rid of this drama in my back. Any suggestions? (photos)

Ad get some curves really nice black female booty and hips. I losed weight either at my leggs or belly.. so i need a doc that can insure me that he... READ MORE

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