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Antibiotics Before Liposuction

Hi. I'll be having my wisdom teeth removed one week before having liposuction surgery. My question is, will the antibiotics and Tynenol that are... READ MORE

Liposuction with Hyperthyroidism?

I have a light hyperthyroidism for which I am currently taking methimazole (15g pro die). Is a liposuction with general anesthesia controindicated in... READ MORE

Are There Medications E.g. for Cholesterol or Any Others That Could Be Contraindicators for a Successful Lipo Procedure?

I'm 59 with excellent skin and I'm in excellent physical condition. I'm thinking about having abdominal lipo. No one ever seems to ask... READ MORE

Is Lipo recommended before or after pregnancy?

I am 33 and 207 lbs and have for the last 7 years been over weight and can't go down more than 180lbs. My question is would it be better to have lipo... READ MORE

If I Take Coumadin Can I Get Lipo?

I Am 230lbs and Had a Tiny Superficial Clot. READ MORE

Can I Have a Liposuction if I'm Taking Sibutramine?

I'm considering doing a liposuction of my exterior and interior tights. I already visited a doctor and he said i'm the perfect candidat for... READ MORE

Are IV fluids dangerous after liposuction?

I read that Iv fluids after lipo may increase the risk developing pulmonary edema and are contraindicated. I have IBD and i am always a little... READ MORE

Partial knee replacement (inside right knee) followed by liposuction - is that possible? (photo)

I had a partial knee replacement 4 years ago. It went well, no complications, and I recovered fully in a short period of time. I would now like to... READ MORE

Liposuction and previous medication?

Am getting liposuction and bbl in January at the moment am on 20mg of celexa, will that effect the surgery or should. I stop taking it a week prior to... READ MORE

Laser Lipo Near Implants?

I had butt implants done a few years ago and I now want some laser Lipo done around my lower back and abdomen area, my question is will it interfere... READ MORE

Male, early 30s, thinking of abdominal liposuction but have a protein s deficiency and on xarelto. Is this a problem? (Photo)

I'm thinking of maybe getting abdominal liposuction on my front and flanks. I'm quite sporty (run marathons, gym, etc) but have always collected fat... READ MORE

Can I get surgery while on medication for Rhumatoid arthritis?

I am on xeljanz daily but would like to get liposuction. Would being on this medication be a contraindication for surgery? READ MORE

Cavi lipo and nursing - when can I resume nursing after the procedure and why is it contraindicated for nursing?

I would like to have the procedure done on my abs. There are several sessions needed, I am wondering if I can continue nursing in between sessions or... READ MORE

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