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Ultrasonic Cavitation - Is it effective? (photo)

Awhile back a friend brought these items to my attention as a great tool for sculpting and "melting fat", she swore that she saw before and after... READ MORE

I have Lost my Waistline After Tummy Tuck, Will Lipo Help Contour?

About five years ago, after 2 kids and several years of breastfeeding, I had a breast reduction. I requested a tummy tuck as well. I was not a good... READ MORE

Contour Irregularities After Liposuction? (photo)

My legs were smooth and pretty . I had lipisuction done to remove some pos- baby fat . Now it's like I have a depression there ( both legs). I weight... READ MORE

I just had liposuction of the abdomen yesterday and the contour isn't smooth. Any suggestions? (photos)

I just had liposuction of the abdomen yesterday. I believe he did some upper abdominal etching too. I know it has only been 24 hours but I'm nervous... READ MORE

Lower back lipo. I heard someone had that area shaved and contoured. Where can I have that done ASAP? (Photo)

Hello. I'm wondering about having lipo in my tailbone area. I feel like my bumpy tailbone tAkes away from my booty. I heard someone had that area sort... READ MORE

What Lipo Option is Best for Me for a Smaller Waist Line?

I'm 26 and have a boyish figure. I'm 5.5 weigh 115 and want a smaller waist to improve my curves.. I have some fat around my waist but not a... READ MORE

Is Liposuction Right for Me To Contour My Abdomen? (photo)

I am 19 and weight about 200 lbs. I have a thyroid problem and I have gone to numerous doctors and nutritionists and I work out everyday. I do not... READ MORE

I didn't wear my garments after liposuction. Is it possible that the contouring my doctor did will be damaged?

I had liposuction 3 weeks ago I slept without my garments last night. Is it possible that the contouring my dr did will be damaged because I didn't... READ MORE

How Do I Know if I'm Still Swollen?

I am 3.5 weeks post-op from a breast augmentation and liposuction of the abdomen, flanks, inner and outer thighs. I'm hoping for some reassurance that... READ MORE

4 Years After TT ans I have No Waist Shape, Would Lipo Help Add Contour?

I had a full tummy tuck almost 4 years ago, but I don't have anymore my waist shape, know my body is square-ish and out of shape. I wonder if a... READ MORE

26 days post op Liposuction on my upper & lower abdominal, flanks & waist. I'm still very hard and stiff. Is this normal?

I had traditional liposuction 26 days ago on my upper and lower abdominal, flanks and waist. So far I am beginning to see some contouring however, I... READ MORE

Can I sue for medical practice after lipo?

After micro body contouring I am left with a dent in my right butt cheek and a flatter butt cheek with almost no crease underneath it. The thing is I... READ MORE

Can my body type be contoured to look like I have hips without getting a bbl? I want a contoured waist and wider hips (Photo)

I wanted a bbl until I read about the aftercare, so Im wondering once I get aggressive lipo of the abdomen, flanks, and back area, is it possible to... READ MORE

I Would Like to Get a Little Contour Lipo Please? (photo)

Hi there I am 38 year old mom of 2 girl one is 18 year, the other one is 3 year. i did my tummy tuck about 2 year ago but i wasn't happy with my shape... READ MORE

Should I get Liposuction on my arms? (photos)

I'm 56 years old and wanting to trim my arms. I eat right and workout but just want contouring. Is this the right procedure for me or will I need the... READ MORE

Would I be an candidate for liposuction? (photos)

I am 19 y/o 5"5" 209 pounds BMI=34.8 Would I be a candidate for liposuction? Does the fact that I have stretch marks mean I don't have good skin... READ MORE

I would like to slim my thighs and saddlebags. (Photo)

I am open to any type of liposuction that can yield similar results as shown on the right side. Would this transition as a result of liposuction/body... READ MORE

How can you get the right contours with liposuction LBL when the patients lying down? (Photo)

I had a lower body lift with liposuction. I'm very unhappy with the back of my legs/buttocks. Is it possible that the surgeon couldn't see the work to... READ MORE

What is the difference between; Hi Def liposuction vs Smart liposuction?

I recently loss 55lbs.I had two consultations with two different doctors one does SmartLipo the other does high definition lipo. The first Doctor give... READ MORE

I'm 5'4 and 100 lbs. Would you lipo these thighs? (photos)

Hi Docs, At 5'4 and 100 lbs, I'm quite trim, but still have small pockets of fat on my medial and lateral thighs. Do you think a bit of lipo to... READ MORE

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