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Liposuction Risks

What are the risks of liposuction? Are certain types of liposuction more likely to cause complications than others? READ MORE

Liposuction - How Long Until You Can Be Sure No Complications Will Occur?

How long after a liposuction procedure you can tell that you did not have any complications, or that you are no longer in danger of complications... READ MORE

Are Blood Clots and Seroma Common Liposuction Complications?

How common are blood clots and seroma after liposuction? How often do I need to move and get up and walk after my surgery to prevent blood clots? I... READ MORE

What are the complications and recurrence rate of axillary breast tissue removal?

I have axillary breast tissue under my armpit. It is connected to breast tissue. So it should be the extension of spence's tail. It never caused any... READ MORE

Early Detection of Post Lipo Complications

I had Tumescent Abdominal Liposuction performed recently. There was the expected soreness, bruising and swelling in my abdominal area which lingered... READ MORE

Neck Lipectomy Lipo - Chances of Crooked Smile or Nerve Damage?

Im 38 and having a neck lipo procedure. I had body lipo a year ago and i had an easy recovery except that i lost use of one of my arms for about a... READ MORE

What are the Risks of Cavitation Lipo on my Stomach and Thighs?

Hi, i am an active, 130 lbs 37 year old female who is contemplating getting cavitation lipo on my stmoach and thighs. I would like to know the safety... READ MORE

What Causes Patients to Pass Away from Iiposuction? What Can Go Wrong During and After the Surgery?

I will be getting this surgery done very soon and I just want to know what can go wrong. I know a blood vessel can burst during surgery, an infection... READ MORE

Plastic Surgery for Patient with an Enlarged Heart?

Would a patient with an enlarged heart be able to have cosmetic surgery? Liposuction and Brazilian Butt lift or a Tummy Tuck?The formal diagnosis is... READ MORE

Can I JUST Lipo my Lovehandles? (photo)

I'm getting lipo on my stomach. My main problem is the muffin top. But two things: 1. I'm worried about lumpiness and coming out uneven. Will my body... READ MORE

Liposuction Risks & Complications? Laser vs Other Techniques?

Liposuction costs thousands of dollars and basically the doctors suck out the fat with a vacuum type tube, we have heard that it work pretty good and... READ MORE

Supplements Before Surgery?

Is it ok to take supplements before liposuction surgery? Everything I take is all natural such as enzymes, colon clear for regular bowel movements,... READ MORE

Booked for Lipo N 29, Flying 3hours Home Next Day, What Can I Do to Reduce Risks Involved?

What can I do to reduce risks involved in flying within 12 hour after lipo 3 hour flight? Thanks READ MORE

What Are the Negative Consequences of Having Liposuction or Brazilian Butt Lift

What are the negative consequences of having liposuction, breast lift, breast implants, injections to under the eye, or brazilian butt lift that... READ MORE

Can Sarcoidosis Cause Complications for Lipo With Fat Grafting Procedure?

I am a 23 y/o black female w/ history of sarcoidosis in the lungs. It's been in remission since the initial onset in 2006 for about 2 years now. I... READ MORE

Double Crease on Buttock After Lipo

I had tumescent lipo on my thighs--inner, outer, gluteal fold. It's 3 months after and I have some sort of "double butt-cheek" on my... READ MORE

I smoked two packs one week before my surgery. Will there be any complications even if I don't smoke between now and then?

I have my appointment for abdominal and lower back liposuction for the 18th of July. So 7 days from today and I had quit for two weeks prior. Then i... READ MORE

Is Liposuction Safe? What Are the Most Common Risks Associated with Lipo?

Is Liposuction Safe? What Are the Most Common Risks Associated with Lipo? READ MORE

Post-Liposuction Complication - Normal?

I had lipo touch up on my abdomen a week ago,first lipo was over 6months ago.This time I am in much more pain.the right side of my abdomen hurtsmore... READ MORE

How Do I Talk to my Dr About Bad Outcome from Overdone Lipo?

Had mini tummy tuck for diastasis recti of upper stomach from child birth. No stretch marks or loose skin. Agreed to mild lipo of lovehandles only.... READ MORE

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