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Liposuction - What Type of Clothing Should I Wear Post-op?

I am scheduled to have a facelift in October along with lipo to uppper/lower abs, bra roll and hips. I plan to take off work for 2 weeks. My... READ MORE

4 Months Post Lipo: Should I Still Be Swollen and Unable to See New Shape?

Lipo to iliac crest, sacral fat pad, abdomen, arms, waist,and outer thighs. I used to have a smooth silhouette and a nicely proportioned hourglass.... READ MORE

Wearing Tight Jeans After Lipo?

I am currently 5 months post lipo on my lovehandles. My 1st week post op I was given the wrong garmet to wear, which caused an indentation which is... READ MORE

Clothing to wear after abdominal liposuction?

Evening. I'm getting abdominal liposuction in a week and I was wondering what kind of clothes I should wear. I figured that leggings would be okay,... READ MORE

Fat over belly button resembling a shelf. Can lipo give me a flat stomach and... (photos)

...a normal belly button (i.e., one you can see)? I have always had excess fat over my belly button. I call it the "shelf" because no matter how... READ MORE

What's the best way to get rid of fat/skin pooches below breasts on rib cage? (photos)

I have recently lost 20lbs but have found that the little pooches that sit on top of the bottom of my rib cage, below my breasts, are still prominent.... READ MORE

Could this be a permanent dent? (photos)

I'm 23 days post op. I've noticed that when I seat the compression garment creates a dent on my stomach and also the area is very stiff. I would like... READ MORE

Do I need to wear some funny protective clothing after lipo?

I thought it's a banal procedure, I just read for 1 month you need to stay in a suit all day. READ MORE

After liposuction: Why do I keep gaining weight!?

I had liposuction 8 months ago. Since then I have gained 20 lbs. before my liposuction, I was not active and ate terribly. After my procedure, my bad... READ MORE

Is lipo of thighs, even though down the road I will need body and thigh lift for saggy skin, worth it?

I've lost a lot of weight after having a gastric sleeve done and currently weigh 225, down from 328. I still have a lot of weight to lose, and I know... READ MORE

Want liposuction to abs and flanks as well as transfer some fat onto face at the same time. I am 5'5", 135lbs. Advice?

I am a flight attendant. These are my questions: 1) is it safe to do both surgeries together under local anaesthesia with IV sedation? 2) I am... READ MORE

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