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Percentage of Bad Liposuction Results?

Hi. I'm 46 (no kids). I was effortlessly thin...till 41. Gained 10 lbs mostly in middle. One day, I'm sold on Liposuction, the next I read a... READ MORE

Mississippi Liposuction Doctor Recommendations

I live in the Jackson, Mississippi area and would like to know of any good Liposuction providers? I'm looking to have the procedure done myself. READ MORE

I Am Confuse Between Thailand and Dominican Republic for Liposuction and Rhinoplasty? (photo)

I live in NY but in Thailand Every Year? I am desperately looking for an international Doctor to perform Liposuction in the abdomen and Rhinoplasty... READ MORE

Are Surgeons with Consultation Fees More Established or Just More Expensive?

In wanting to begin my quest for the perfect lipo Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, I wld just like to do some research & receive comments... READ MORE

How to Trust a Doctor for Liposuction?

Hello!!! Please helps me !!! I want to get a liposuction done with a doctor that seems like he knows what he is going. I had a free consultation and... READ MORE

Plastic Surgeon Vs. Cosmetic Surgeon with Excellent Credentials for Abdomen Lipo

I have an appointment for abdomenal lipo with reputable derma-cosmetic surgeon who's done "hundreds" of lipos. Credentials are excellent, he teaches... READ MORE

I Am Considering Liposhifting but Do Not Know Where to Find a Competent MD Who Performs?

I Am Considering Liposhifting but Do Not Know Where to Find a Competent MD Who Performs READ MORE

Lipo Scheduled for April 5th, Dr is Board Certified but Not Many Pics. Cancel or Just Scared?

He does mainly reconstruction in the hospital and is just starting to increase his cosmetic practice. He is board certified but there are not many... READ MORE

Eye Doctor Performing Liposuction. Is It Safe for Them to Give Valium?

Where I live in Washington, DC you have eye doctors, pathologist, and cosmetic specialist dermatologist, etc….how can I decide which is best. I... READ MORE

Plastic Surgeons Vs. Experienced MDs when Having Liposuction?

I have seen a plastic surgeon for liposuction and he has only performed approx 200 liposuction procedures. Is enough to be good at performing lipo?... READ MORE

I Am Looking for a Great Body Dr Closer to Home (Florida)? (photo)

I need a great body dr that can take this 54 yo body and get lipo, lifts, tucks.I have been through cancer surgery and now have great breasts and want... READ MORE

Are There Any Good Plastic Surgeons in Thailand For Hair Removal and Skin Tightening?

I've been in Bangkok for one month, and I have about 4 - 5 more weeks to be here before I have to return to the U.S. I would like to get laser... READ MORE

Correction of Uneven Liposuction?

I have two questions: 1. I have read that bodyjet is less harsh on the body than ordinary liposuction but I am wondering if this method is equally... READ MORE

If Board Certified (FACS) is better, (BESIDES the ability to operate in a hospital), what are the specifics that make it so?

The message certainly comes through clearly. Go Board, or go home :) What's not usually in the message, is the details. For example, what are the... READ MORE

Went to 3 surgeons, 3 different opinion, how to choose? I'm so confused on who to choose to fix my body. (photos)

One includes the surgeon who did my lipo on stomach and flanks 7 mos ago, which i was not happy with. only 1 said I did not have enough fat to avoid... READ MORE

Decision! Decision! It's hard to decide which one? Please give me opinions! I appreciate you. Have met 2 diff Drs (Photo)

(1) Dr. Spent a few mins for me,Then give me prices: Lipo ultrasound $5000.TT $3500.Breast augmentation $4000. including surgeon's fee, anesthesia... READ MORE

Is receiving liposuction from a board certified plastic surgeon safer than a doctor who is not certified?

Should a person be cautious of a physician that performs liposuction for $795 per area and is no READ MORE

Atlanta Lipo-EX Doctor Recommendations

Does anybody know of a doctor who performs Lipo-Ex? I have researched it and cannot find a practitioner in the Atlanta area. READ MORE

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