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Liposuction vs. Chin Tuck - What's the Best Option for Me?

Regarding the chin tuck and scarring that I asked about earlier.....I am actually leaning towards the liposuction option more than a chin READ MORE

Natural Way to Lose Fat Under Chin?

Iam a 40-year-old woman in pretty good shape with slender built and decent skin elasticity. I have a small stubborn pocket of fat under my chin. I was... READ MORE

How Can I Lose the Fat on Pubic Area?

I had a really BAD liposuction in July 2009. I had the lipo on my both underarms, chin and lower stomach. Since that I am trying to lose my weight,... READ MORE

Options to Correct a Sagging, Wrinkling Double Chin?

Is there anything I can do to firm-up or eliminate a sagging, wrinkling double chin that has developed this past year. I've always had a small double... READ MORE

Cheek and Chin Fat: What Type of Liposuction is Best?

I am a petite female from orange county ca 21 yrs old I have some extra fat in my lower cheek area and under my neck. I am 5'2 and weigh about... READ MORE

How can I achieve V shaped face from a square face? How can I narrow it to have a skinnier face and more contoured jaw line?

I'm a 24 yr old female. I'm skinny but my face as always been chubby. I already have good cheek bones but hidden since my lower cheeks are full also.... READ MORE

Double Chin Surgery Lipo

What are the benefits of chin liposuction? READ MORE

Liposuction Cost for Double Chin

Hi, I am a healthy, 45 year old female. I have always been thin. The problem I have that concerns me the most is fat accumulating under my chin. How... READ MORE

Neck and Chin Lipo Without the Resulting Loose Skin

Is 42 too old to have chin and neck Liposuction without ending up with a sagging skin? My skin is in good shape for my age, and I have always had this... READ MORE

How Long Does It Take for Facial Liposuction Swelling to Go Away?

I am 4 weeks post op facial liposuction. I have under my chin, neck and jowls suctioned. I can see some results and they look pretty good. There seems... READ MORE

Looking like a train wreck from a Bad Results from Chin/Neck Liposuction, What are My Best Options for Fixing This? (Photos)

Nothing is as disheartening as being told your the perfect candidate for chin and neck liposuction then coming out of that procedure looking like a... READ MORE

Final Results of Submental Liposuction?

I had submental Liposuction on April 23, 09. I was happy with the immediate results, but it now (3 weeks later) looks worse than it did right after... READ MORE

Should I Be Worried with Neck Lipo Lump?

I had my neck Liposuction exactly one month today. I still see a fat pokcet underneath my chin and a few little bumps here and there. Should I be... READ MORE

Extreme Hunger Since Liposuction?

Every since having a big lipo procedure I have found myself to be extrememly hungry. I had my arms, abs (upper/lower), flanks, waist, inner thighs,... READ MORE

Is Wrinkled Skin After 8 Days of Submental Liposuction Normal?

I am 55 year old female with pretty good elasticity in my skin. I had submental and abdominal liposuction 8 days ago. I'm still quite swollen on... READ MORE

Does Laser Lipo Work for Pubic Fat and Under the Chin?

I dont know if it would be best with laser lipo or traditional liposuction? thanks READ MORE

Fat Under Chin After Lipo: Will Procedure Need Repeated?

What happens if you get more fat under chin after lipo? Will I have to do lipo again ? Will I need to get more lipo after gaining weight. Can I lose... READ MORE

Laser Liposuction for Male Double Chin

I'm a 46-year-old male. I had laser liposuction on my lower abs and flanks. I am now considering it on my chin/neck. My physician is concerned that... READ MORE

Liposuction for Double Chin Before Losing Weight?

Hello, I am considering having liposuction of my double chin. I've lost some weight (20 lbs) and I still have a little loose skin/fat under my chin. I... READ MORE

Lipo and Dermabrasion for Fatty Lump Between Lower Lip and Chin?

I have a fatty lump between my lower lip and chin that bothering me aesthetically. It's stretchy, fatty lump, not a hard lump. A RealSelf... READ MORE

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