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Liposuction - Difference in Recovery from Chest, Abdomen and Flanks?

Hi, 4 days post-op after the above, I am concerned about my flanks. I know that it is def early days, but there is a massive difference between the... READ MORE

Fat Transfer to Correct Crater Deformity After Liposuction

I had liposuction of abdomen and chest. The results were bad and not to my expectations. I was left with crater deformities behind the nipples. Would... READ MORE

How Soon Can I Shower After Vaser Liposuction?

Hi there, I had vaser lipo on my chest today. I was told I can have a shower tomorrow. Should I remove the covering over the wound when I shower? I... READ MORE

Swelling After Liposuction -3 Days Post-Op?

From reading this forum i am awsre of the healing process & the time required post lipo. However i am worried that i now have a new crease above... READ MORE

Do I have to wear garment more than 3 weeks and what is the best think to do with swelling, do I have to use diuretic ?

I'm 32 year old I Did liposuction in my abdomen,chest and flanks 3 weeks ago and I've wearied garment for 3 weeks but there is still a little of... READ MORE

1 Year After Lipo on Chest, Belly, Love Handles, Have Hardening On My Lower Abdominal Area?

I had lipo on my chest, belly, and love handles. I still have hardening on my lower abdominal area. I wear the same size pants because that area seems... READ MORE

Choosing Between Two Surgeons

Im planning to get lipo on my chest and flanks sometime in mid December. I visited a total of 5 plastic surgeons I narrowed down my choices to two... READ MORE

Liposuction Hardening?

I had liposuction around my belly area and chest. Had great results on my chest. However, around my belly I've noticed hardening and it seems like my... READ MORE

How Can I Remove Sag from Side of Male Chest?

I am a man who had lipo done on my chest and the frontal bra region. Im happy with the results, but sides of my chest looks bad - the skin sags a bit... READ MORE

Will Liposuction Help My Chest and Lower Abdomen (Photos)

I'm 21yo M. My weight is 73KG and my Height is 176cm. I have been weightlifting for over 3 years with a perfect diet, and cardiovasicalur excersizes ... READ MORE

Do you think liposuction and a small excision is necessary to remove the fatty tissue on my chest? (photos)

Hi everyone, i have posted my 1st question last week but this time I added photos :) . In my opinion fatty tissues are a big part of my problem... READ MORE

What happen if I do bodybuilding exercises after 3 weeks of chest male liposuction ?

I am a 34 years old male that had liposuction done on my chest and I have read that I should stay 8 weeks after chest liposuction before doing... READ MORE

I Went for Liposuction in the Abdomen but the Surgeon Also Strongly Recommend Liposuction in my Breast, Can You Do This? (photo)

I went for liposuction in the entire abdomen including my flanks but the doctor strongly recommend liposuction in my chest to go with the... READ MORE

Is there a diagram that identifies liposuction areas and their location?

Hi, I am trying to understand the difference between what one Dr. calls that lateral chest, another calls the outer chest, the axillae, etc. I am... READ MORE

Chest and Stomach Lipo and Smart Lipo?

I had lipo and smartlipo on my chest and stomach on Nov. 1 of this month. I have had my three week follow up appointment and my doctor said I'm... READ MORE

Is this a hematoma? (Photo)

Is this a hematoma? I didnt get a post op vest...but I got some wraps to place on my chest. I feel like the swelling got worse after I adjusted the... READ MORE

Where does fluid go after being built up in your body? (Resubmitted)

Hi Doctor, I underwent liposuction i got 1.1 liter of fat out from me, the doctor didn't remove the glandular tissue. after the operation i had... READ MORE

Am I a Candidate for Liposuction or Not...I Am So Confuse! (photo)

My dream was to get liposuction in the abdomen and possibly lipo in the chest. Can you please translate for me what they saying? Doctor#1-Your pinch... READ MORE

Had Lipo on Chest, Stomach, and Flanks a Year Ago. I'm Left with Loose Skin on Chest. What Are the Best Ways to Tighten It?

I am scheduled to do a touch up on oct. 3. The surgeon is going to do smart lipo for the last bit of fat and I am told this can help tighten the skin... READ MORE

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