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What Does a Warm and Burning Feeling Mean After Lipo?

6 weeks ago I had a Tummy Tuck and a back liposuction. my back still stiff is loosing up little by little, but when I lay down I wake up with the... READ MORE

Creasing After Compression Garment After Lipo. What Causes These?

I had abdomen, waste and hip liposuction almost 2 weeks ago and I notice that there are indentations around stomach from waistbands. While they... READ MORE

Pain in Right Flank Area After Lipo

I had lipo under general anesthesia on June 4th. All is good so far but of course the usual swelling & soreness. But I have a sharp stabbing pain... READ MORE

What causes lipo burns?

I have seen a lot of women on here that have lipo burns, it looks so scary and worries me. How can i avoid getting these, i know that with any surgery... READ MORE

1 Week 5 Days Dent on Abdomen? (photo)

1 week 5 days post lower abs and love handle lipo. I love the results so far except for this dent between my upper and lower abdominals. I am reading... READ MORE

Is a Severe Leg Pain Normal After a Liposuction ?

I had liposuction done two weeks ago on my hips, inner and outer thighs and the waistline, the first week i was fine not very much discomfort and than... READ MORE

Liposuction Over A Year Ago On Abdomen and Have A Hard Lump Around Belly Button and One Large Lump By Pelvic Ridge?

I Had Lipsuction over a Year Ago on my Abdomin and Now Around my Belly Button I Have a Hard Lump and One Large Lump on the Left side of the pelvic... READ MORE

Is the Pinch in my Arm a Normal Side Effect of Liposuction?

Hi, doctors. I had upper arm liposuction surgery 4 months ago and have fully recovered-no bruises or swelling. However, every once in a while I feel... READ MORE

How does the fat necrosis go away? Does this develop cancer later on in life?

I have fat necrosis in my leg upper thigh. I feel pain and burning sensation in my buttons area, specifically when I sit down? Why is this happening?... READ MORE

Love Handles or Swelling? (photo)

I'm 25 days post op. My PS did not do any lipo to my flanks/back because he said he didn't think I needed it. I'm worried that now I have love handles... READ MORE

Is It Normal After Liposuction to Sweat a Lot?

Is it normal after liposuction to sweat a lot? I dont have a fever but I am waking up to drenched in sweat. Is this normal? READ MORE

Binders with Lipo. My Legs Feel Tight and Burn, Ankles Look Larger; Could Compression by too Tight?

I had lipo on my stomach 6 days ago. 800 cc removed and I use a binder. I noticed today that my legs feel really tight and burn when I bend down. My... READ MORE

Why Is This Case an 'Accidental Death' when Using Liposuction?

Intra abdominal hemorrhaging due to perforated aorta; how does this end up happening? i read about this happening to a woman going in for a BBL by a... READ MORE

Skin Discoloration After Ultra Lipolyse Normal?

I had ultra lipolyse done 5 months ago to thighs - and I still have discolored skin. The skin is darker (I am caucasian) in the area where the tiny... READ MORE

What is the cause and cure for the indentations on my front upper thighs? (Photo)

I had liposuction around 2 years ago. I'm not sure if the front of my legs were lipo'd. I know my inner and outer thighs were. Could the lipo be... READ MORE

After Having Lipo on Flanks and Sides, my Skin Now Has a Mottled Appearance. Proceedure Was Done 6 Months Ago?

Any ideas on why and if it will go away? Dr who performed said he has not seen this before. This will definitely show up wearing a two piece bathing... READ MORE

Does Liposuction Damage the Area Underneath the Skin and Cause Cellulite and Less Resilience?

I had liposuction about 7 years ago. I honestly didn't have that much fat to be suctioned, I just wanted my stomache and legs to look a little... READ MORE

Why Are my Face and Arms Swollen 7.5 Weeks Post-op from Liposuction of Abdomen, Flanks, Back, Thighs, and Knees & a Breast Lift?

My PS removed 7.5 liters. I wore compression garments religiously per instructed for 6.5 weeks but developed contact dermatitis from them and had to... READ MORE

Huge rolls only when sitting down. Already had liposuction. What could be wrong? (Photo)

3/5/15 I had lipo flanks, abdomen inner thighs. Stomach is great when I stand up but when i sit down I now have WAY MORE rolls than before. Prior I... READ MORE

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