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Perioral Mounds & Chin Implant Feedback about Options?

I have what appears to be “perioral mounds” on both the right and left sides of my mouth as well at the lower part of my lip which causes my mouth to ... READ MORE

Why Did my Surgeon Choose to Do Lipo Verses Buccal Fat Removal?

My cheeks were chubby and i wanted them slimmer. After my research I asked for a buccal fat removal and my surgeon suggested lipo and performed lipo... READ MORE

Compression Garment After Facial Lipo (Smart Lipo) and Buccal Fat Pad Reduction?

Last week I had submental lipo, including some thinning on outer jaw above neck & close to mouth. Plus buccal pad reduction. My compression... READ MORE

Wide face. What surgery do I need? (Photo)

20s, wants v-shape face. had buccal fat 27th jan but I can't see any difference and BF was as big as 1cent. Was I a bad candidate for BF? Face has... READ MORE

Chubby cheeks. Will facial liposuction or buccal fat removal surgery benefit me? (Photo)

I am a 21 years old woman with really chubby cheeks that dont seem to go away even after weight loss. I inherited the chubby cheeks from my mom so i... READ MORE

Jowls - unrelated to age or weight. Would Lipo or Buccal Fat Removal help? (photos)

I am female, late 30s, current BMI is 25 to 26. I have had this small jowl/fat bulge along my jaw (on both sides of my face) for most of my life. It... READ MORE

Would you advise buccal fat removal? (photo)

I'm 24 have a number of things I want to know if I can change through cosmetic surgery. My smile and face being off centre is hereditary! Read about... READ MORE

Am I a good candidate for neck lipo and buccal fat removal. (photos)

I'm 28 years old, have gained and lost 14-20 pounds throughout the years but my face is always chubby, still I see lines around my mouth which I think... READ MORE

Will liposuction of lower back fat affect size of the fat graft in my buccal pad?

7 weeks ago I had small amount of fat (8cc in total) taken from my thighs and transferred deep into buccal fat pads for greater fullness. I'm planning... READ MORE

Will I benefit from facial liposuction? (Photo)

I can't see my jawline , my face is too chubby. My chin is also very weak... I have a moon face and it has caused me low self esteem. I really want a... READ MORE

How soon can I have another cosmetic procedure?

I am an extremely healthy male with a hemo of 14.6 and will be undergoing the following procedures: Lipo, Ab Etching, Pec Implants, RhinoPlasty, and... READ MORE

Am I having an allergic reaction to the topical antibiotic or is this incision infected? (Photos)

I'm 4 days postop submental lipo with muscle tightening and bucal fat removal. I had a drain from this ear for two days. Day 2 postop I toticed... READ MORE

Abdominal and arm liposuction with buccal fat removal. Will I have a fast recovery? (Photo)

At 27 yrs old i decided to have an arm and abdominal liposuction with buccal fat removal on april 27, I am very curious of my recovery status. Will i... READ MORE

Can aggressive neck/jaw liposuction slim the face to a point where you can avoid a buccal lipectomy? (photos)

As an addendum to my last post, If the neck lipo is aggressive, will my face slim down to where the buccal fat won't seem as pronounced and I can... READ MORE

How long do I have to wait after neck lipo to get buccal fat removed and possibly also get a chin augmentation? (Photo)

I recently got chin liposuction but i'm now beginning to realize that it draws even more attention to mu round and chubby face. I am actually fairly... READ MORE

Fat face: liposuction or buccal pad removal? (Photo)

My face is fine until I smile, I find it large and such a fat face. It looks like I have double cheeks each on both of my cheek, thats why I hate my smile READ MORE

Help! Cannot open mouth more than 2cm after neck lipo and buccal lipectomy. Left jaw pain and hard to move tongue left to right.

Procedure four weeks ago w/local. Two weeks ago out of nowhere the jaw on the left side became stiff. I cannot open my mouth to get a toothbrush in.... READ MORE

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