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Liposuction and Breast Feeding

I want to do liposuction under local anesthesia note that I am breastfeeding my child at the age of 9 months, is there a danger for the child of... READ MORE

Should I Wait to Get Liposuction Until I'm Done with Breastfeeding?

I am contemplating liposuction w.fat transfer, but am currently breastfeeding. I breastfeed the first 2 yrs & my infant will be 1 1/2 yrs old... READ MORE

How Do I Get Rid of Armpit Fat?

Yes i am a 25 year new and of course breast feeding mom...from my early age i noticed little fat under my arm.but now it is just like a huge.please... READ MORE

What would you recommend to get rid of armpit fat? (photo)

Shortly after having my last baby I gained a good amount of weight . While i was breast feeding my arm pit started to feel painful. Yes! It was full... READ MORE

What can be done to improve the appearance of my arms? (photos)

Still have 15 pounds or so of baby weight to lose. Planning a mommy makeover when my baby is done breastfeeding. Wondering what you would recommend... READ MORE

Will Lipo ruin my skin (sagging, rippling, "aged" look)?

I am 32 years old 5'5'' and about 105 lbs. so very thin and fit. After implants and breast feeding three children, I have no breast tissue at all,... READ MORE

Can nursing impact my healing after liposuctions? Slow healing and shock like or nerve issues?

Hello thanks in advance for all the answer. i had lipo done like 9 weeks ago i feel like it's going to take me a year to heal and 100% myself. it feel... READ MORE

I'm having lipo done. My baby's pediatrician said it's safe to breastfeed him after, I'm getting mixed reports online

I'm having lipo on my arms, trunk and thighs. My pediatrician said it would be fine to breastfeed him as long as I don't take the pain med and use... READ MORE

Do I need lipo and will they ever look "perky"? (photos)

I am very concerned that I will spend a lot of money for a lift and implants but will never have the perky "fake"look I crave. I'm not super worried... READ MORE

Liposuction; how long after lipo do I need to wait to fall pregnant? (Photo)

Hi, I'm a mum of 4 wanting liposuction on my flanks. We would like to have 1 more (and final) baby so I would like to know how long after lipo I need... READ MORE

Will non-invasive ultrasonic lipo help get rid of fat? (Photos)

I have 2kids a 6 year old and a 10 month old i still breast feed so its hard to get to the gym as much as i would like. But im so sick of this stomach READ MORE

Will lipo take care of this? (Photo)

I am scheduled to have a breast augmentation Nov. of this year, I am thinking about asking my surgeon to lipo this area of fat(?) maybe skin?? I'm not... READ MORE

Is liposuction a possibility for me? I've gained nearly 50 pounds due to severe chronic pain that makes exercise impossible.

I am 5'2" tall and 167 lbs. Before the accident, I weighed between 120-125lbs. I have always been large breasted, but now I'm wearing a 42 DDD bra,... READ MORE

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