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Day 16 After Aqualipo. Its Only Been 2days Since I've Been out of the Garment. I Dont See Any Results, It It Swelling?

I got Aqualipo done on my upper abdomen, lower abdomen, flanks and back 16days ago. I wore my garment for 14days and my swelling gradually decreased.... READ MORE

How can I get a very small waist with bigger hips with surgery?

So my butt is ok. It would be wayyyyy better if I had bigger hips. I have a gut but I feel it won't be enough to make a difference. Ideally I want... READ MORE

Leg asymmetry (photos)

What surgery would I need to even out my leg asymmetry? The right leg (calf and thigh) and bum is noticeably bigger than the left. READ MORE

2 months post op arm Liposuction, I don't see any result and my arm is still big. Any suggestions? (photos)

2 months post op. I have seroma, my arms look bigger than before i had my lipo. Doctor said he took out a lot of fat. My upper arms still numb. When... READ MORE

5 months post op Liposuction, my stomach is much bigger than before. Is this normal?

Hi I got stomach liposuction 5 months ago my upper part is bigger than before and ever , this is normal it is bother me a lot please help me. Feri READ MORE

I have dents and I'm uneven after Liposuction. Is this normal? (photos)

I had liposuction done about three months ago and I'm far from what I use to look like but I paid 6,000$ And I'm not even in a lot of places but I... READ MORE

Is it normal for my thighs to be bigger after Liposuction?

I got lipo on the inner and outer areas of my thighs, as well as the inner portion of my knees, around one month ago.Although the results seemed to be... READ MORE

I'm 26 and weight 280 lbs. I don't have an issue with my body just my very large stomach. Is Liposuction an option?

Ever since I was young I was very active I played sports in high school but I have always had a big stomach Now that I'm 26 my stomach is bigger to... READ MORE

Why is my upper abdomen larger after lipo? (Photo)

I had a breast reduction and lift exactly one year ago along with lipo of flanks hips and abdomen. My lower abdomen was the area in need of lipo along... READ MORE

12 days post op Liposuction, my tummy is hard and bigger. Is this normal?

I had lipo on my stomach 12 days ago n when I came home it was flat by the next day but now it's bigger thn before lipo and very dr says this... READ MORE

I had abdominal and love handles liposuction 10 days ago. My abdomen looks bigger, wider and feels hard. Is this normal?

Since then I have noticed that my abdomen looks bigger, wider, and feels hard. Also new bruising around the incisions have appeared. Is this normal. READ MORE

My right leg is bigger than my left. Is there any surgery that can be done to fix my left leg?

I am a woman and ashamed to wear knee high skirts. Is there any surgery that can be done to fix my left leg? READ MORE

My Stomach Protrudes 6 Months After Lipo, Why Could this be?

I had stomach lipo and a partial abdomiplasty 6 months ago and my stomach protrudes alot more than before so i am bigger than before i have no shape... READ MORE

I'm a Early 30's Male Who Underwent Lipo 4 Months Ago. Swelling Never Went Down and I Look Fatter?

Most doctors say that final results can be seen within 6 to 12 months. However, some also say that I should look slimmer after the first few weeks at... READ MORE

How bad will my breasts grow a year or two post Liposuction? (photo)

I'm a 33 year old mother of 2 beautiful girls. I'm really thinking about having liposuction toy abdomen/bra line/flanks/hip/fat transplant to my... READ MORE

Why is it that many women I've seen, after doing Body Liposuction, look bigger and wider on their upper bodies?

I have seen myself starting to look wider on my upper body. As well, as many women i know. READ MORE

I have saggy skin after arm Liposuction. Any suggestions?

It's 3 weeks after my arms liposuction and I don't like what I m seeing. My arms look like they are granny's arms. Right arm looks bigger then left... READ MORE

My stomach isn't flat 40 days after lipo. And I look bigger than I looked 2 weeks ago. What might be the problem?

I had lipo done on my inner thighs, hips, stomach and flanks 40 days ago. I feel that my swelling is getting better. But 2 weeks ago I looked slimmer... READ MORE

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