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Will I Benefit from Liposuction? 15 Lbs. Lost This Year (photo)

Hello all, I am 20 years old, I weigh 140lbs, I'm 5'4'' & I have lost about 15lbs over the past year. I want my tummy to be flat... READ MORE

What is the difference between liposuction and air sculpt?

What is the difference between liposuction and air sculpt? I keep seeing the topic but can't find much. Any costs difference? Any benefits from one or... READ MORE

I heard a Dr. once say that they give adderall to patients after liposuction. What's the reason and benefit of that?

Just curious. I would not take an amphetamine, but I am curious to see what it does to help the body recover from trauma. Whatever benefit it does... READ MORE

Would I benefit more from liposuction or a mini tummy tuck? (photos)

I'm 22, and a mother of 2. I plan on getting a breast augmentation after I heal from either lipo or a mini tummy tuck. What would benefit me more?... READ MORE

Can I get away with Liposuction of my midsection flanks and back or do I have to have Tummy tuck? (photos)

I'm 5'7 198lbs currently dieting to drop down to 170 and would really like to finally have a shape to my waist and a pretty flat abdomen. I'm pretty... READ MORE

Non surgical or minimal downtime procedure to address large stomach and large upper arms?

I am about 5'7", 190 lbs. I am the awful, dreaded APPLE shape. Most of my weight is in my "B" shaped belly. Its been "B" shaped for all of my life.... READ MORE

Is lipo for me? (Photo)

Planning on knees but would I benefit from lipo to legs? Thanks READ MORE

Can Liposuction make it easier to reveal your abdominal muscles?

I believe the reason some men are more prone to abdominal fat than others, is because they have more fat cells in the area. Even, if lipo cannot... READ MORE

How long to wear compression garment post liposuction abdomen and flanks?

My surgeon says 2 weeks is sufficient to wear my compression garment post liposuction of abdomen and flanks. Just curious if there is any benefit to... READ MORE

Does Oxygen tank therapy really assist with the bruising from Liposuction?

Does Oxygen tank therapy really assist with the bruising from lipo? And if it does, is it just to look better quicker or is there a health benefit?... READ MORE

Could I benefit from Liposuction? (photos)

I had my tummy tuck January of this year (2014). I'm thrilled with those results but I feel I need more lipo to really have the results I wanted. I'm... READ MORE

Would I benefit from liposuction? (photos)

Hello, I am a 24 year old female who underwent a mini tummy tuck a couple months ago. Although I can see that the loose skin was removed, I still have... READ MORE

Any suggestions on Liposuction on upper thighs? (photos)

I am 47 years and am very slim. However all my weight seems to be centered around my upper thighs. I would like to have liposuction done - outer and... READ MORE

Is lymphatic massage before a procedure of any benefit?

I'm seeing where some physicians recommend lymphatic massage after lipo and tummy tuck to assist with drainage of the swelling. Would it be of any... READ MORE

I had a Tummy Tuck done at Fairfax Inova Hospital on 5/2015. Would I benefit from abdominal lipo?

I do not have a muffin top over my jeans but my waist is still the same size even with flank liposuction. I can notice I have little curves on my... READ MORE

If a Dermatologist could put you under for lipo would they? I want to understand how critical / beneficial position changing is

Personally, I can see a nice benefit in them able to see how I'll look in various positions. But it begs the question of how can plastic surgeons get... READ MORE

Will I benefit more from removing fat out stomach rather than working out?

I am 24 yrs old I weigh 230pounds. I been trying to lose weight for about 4 yrs. I was pregnant with twins and give birth at 25weeks. I lost both... READ MORE

Post op compression garment for upper arms, which is best?

Have lipo of upper arms in 2 weeks and need some advice as to what compression garments will be the most beneficial for my recovery. READ MORE

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