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How Old Do You Have to Be to Get Liposuction and Breast Reduction?

I'm really unhappy with my body due to starving myself then not etc I have tried diets and the gym I go 3 times a week or more and have been for 3... READ MORE

Can a 14 Year Old Girl Have a Liposuction, & the Fat Transferred to Her Butt?

My daughter has a parent's consent. Just I would like to know if it's possible. She weighs 155 & is 5'4. READ MORE

What is the maximum age for abdominal liposuction?

My Mom is 84, but is in good health. No cardiac issues, just arthritis. She wants to have her abdominal area reduced. Is she a viable candidate for... READ MORE

How Old Do U Have to Be. To Have Lipo Surge?

I'm 15 and being overweight has basically.ruind my life. I just wondering how old u got to be to get lipo surgery. Or the steps of geting the surgery.... READ MORE

Will Doctors Say I'm Too Young?

I'm 18 & recently had a baby im not planing to have another one. I want to get liposuction on my belly. I know the skin around my belly will be... READ MORE

13 year old getting liposuction?

My daughter is very mature and smart. She currently weighs 192 pounds and is 5'3. The weight was brought on due to excessive amounts of stress. She... READ MORE

Is there an age limit to get a liposuction?

I have huge thighs, Huge calves, cubby belly, and I have fat arms, everything and I was wondering if there was an age limit for a liposuction? READ MORE

Perfect Age for Lipo and Methods to Reduce Body Mass?

Im 16 and have lot of fat around my belly and thigh. i dont eat much , do loads of exercise, but do not reduce. is this good age for... READ MORE

Age requirement for liposuction of 'double chin'/neck area?

I was wondering the age requirement for liposuction of under chin area with and without parental consent. And what the price range is for the specific... READ MORE

Are there any prerequisites for liposuction procedures?

Like, must I weigh a certain weight or have a certain fat content, or be a certain age? READ MORE

I'm a 74 year old in good health who has birthed two children. Am I too old to contemplate liposuction of the abdomen? (Photos)

Are there additional risks I should consider because of my age? Can most of this excess fat be safely removed? Since this is an elective procedure,... READ MORE

Can I achieve an hourglass figure through liposuction if I target the stomach? What's the legal age for lipo in the UK? (photo)

Hello. I'm a 17-year-old female and I'm half Japanese and half Peruvian. I weigh 175 pounds and try my best to lose weight, but I can't target my... READ MORE

What is the minimum age to get liposuction?

My torso (my stomach, sides, hips and back) aren't portioned well. I really hate how it looks but I'm not sure how old I have to be to be liposuction... READ MORE

How old must you be for liposuction?

Can I start paying so when I turn 18 I can go through with this? READ MORE

How old do you have to be to get lipo and how much weight can it take away.

I am a 16 year old male tipping the scale at 430 pounds. I was curious to see how much weigh it can take away as well as the price and age. I am... READ MORE

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