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Ribs protruding - can this be corrected?

Now that I have lost over 100 pounds, I can see that something strange happened to my ribs. Perhaps this happened due to pregnancy plus being... READ MORE

Radio Frequency After Liposuction for Skin Tightening?

Hello, I lost 100 lbs and ended up with sagging skin. I underwent liposuction procedures on arms and inner thighs but I still have sagging skin. All I... READ MORE

How to Takeoff the Extra Skin Around my Waist?

I'm 17 years old guy , when i was 13 i was 100 kilograms but i lost weight and now i'm 75 kilograms and my tall is 1.78 cm when i lost wait i noticed... READ MORE

Can Axilloplasty Be Combined with Liposuction of Upper Back and Bra Bulge?

Is there a way to excise the excess skin from upper back/ bra bulge using the same incision in the armpit? Lost 90 lbs from diet and exercise and... READ MORE

Fat Knees After Weight Loss? (photo)

Background: I lost about 93 pounds in 2006 with just diet and exercise. I’m 5.7”150lbs so not overweight but my body still looks like it because of ... READ MORE

I am a young male. What Would Suggest For Me? Liposuction in Love Handles and Pecs? Tummy Tuck for Stomach? (Photo)

I am a young male, lost about 60 - 65 pounds a few years back and this is what i've been left with. I've tried diet and exercise but cannot get rid of... READ MORE

I Can't Afford Lypo What Can I Do?

To remove excess fatty skin from lower belly area and inner thighs I have lost 100 pounds in the eight year process. Now I want to have a firm body... READ MORE

Liposuction or Tummy Tuck

Hello,Im 6.2 ft and now weight 173lbs after loosing about 79lbs. I have left with saggy skin on my tummy and my waist, and some nasty stretch marks on... READ MORE

I've lost over 100 pounds. I used to weigh 260 now 154. Now have loose skin, will liposuction help?

I have excess loose skin from loosing so much weight that I've tried many new routines & eating habits to help tighten my stomach & the rest... READ MORE

How Long After Weightloss / Dieting Should You Wait to Have Liposuction? (photo)

I have met with several PS who all say I am a great candidate for liposuction. However, a doctor on realself has indicated that I should lose weight... READ MORE

Are my expectations of pubic fat pad reduction realistic?

I am 5'10" and 175 lb currently, 35 years, Male. Over the past year and a half that is down from 240 lb, a total of 65 lb weight loss. I have lost fat... READ MORE

Is Liposuction Right for my Particular Situation?

Hello,I'm scared because i want liposuction on my lower abs and my hips I'm 25 male 5'10 171lbs size 30-32 waist,5 years ago i weighed... READ MORE

Is This Extra Fat or It's Loose Skin? How to Fix? (photo)

I'm 27 ,two years ago I lost 30 kg in 8 months ,I exercise , I do strength training but my thighs still look bad .I'm considering cosmetic procedures... READ MORE

Which type of lipo is best for a thick waist? Hourglass shape desired (Photo)

Is there a specific type of lipo procedure that is better for getting an hourglass shape? I have lost about 20 lbs which has helped but i no matter... READ MORE

What Treatment is Best?

Hi, I am 5ft 7 and 126 lbs. I've lost a lot of weight over a long period time and now really like my body...except! I love my arms,bust,bum and... READ MORE

Disproportion: My Legs Are Completely Other Size. Is LIPO a Possibility?

Hello! I'm 31years old; have lost 25kg during the last 10 years, but haven't being able to get rid of these horrendous thights.I'm 176cm tall, and my... READ MORE

How Will my Liposuction Procedure Affect my Weight Loss Efforts?

I'm just had a small section of liposuction (1 liter) done yesterday (upper abdomen). After losing about 100lbs a year ago, I had a BR (J cup to a D)... READ MORE

I had Gastric Bypass Sleeve on October 8th 2013. Can I undergo Fat Transfer and Liposuction?

I was 236 now I'm 189 after the sleeve but I reAlly want lipo and fat transfer to my butt should I of could I get it done? If not why? READ MORE

Liposuction after sleeve gastrectomy? (Photo)

I had sleeve gastrectomy 7 wks ago. Lost 25LBS. Now 260lbs. I notice since sx my inner thighs are starting to sag a little. I was wondering if getting... READ MORE

I Have These Dark Lines on the Sides of my Abdomen. How Do I Get Rid of Them? (photo)

I was overweight and had love handles. The skin became stretched out with the fat and because it's been that way for so long, now the lines are... READ MORE

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