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Am I a Good Candidate for Liposuction? Hips,thighs (Inner and Outer), Stomach,back and Buttocks (photo)

I'm a 35 yr old woman, mother of two children aged 6 and 4 years old. I'm 161cm in height and weigh 65kg. I've lost 11kg dieting &... READ MORE

African American Fat Removed from Abdomen and Skin Tightening

I am African American and I'm interested in getting fat removed from my upper and lower abdomen. I have had two pregnancies and was left with stretch... READ MORE

Is It True when Black People Have Liposuction They're Left with a Visible Scar? (photo)

I was told once that the outcome of liposuction is different between white and black people black people are more to have a permanent scaring than... READ MORE

How can I reduce my buttocks in size? (photo)

I'm looking to have my buttocks reduced in size. I had my hips reduced through Smart Lipo but that doctor is reluctant to do the butt because of... READ MORE

Liposuction Scars Wont Go Away?

Hello i am a african american woman who had liposuction 13 months ago. the doctor said that the scars would fade in a year but they only seem to get... READ MORE

Doctor Recommendation for Liposuction on African American with Keloids

I am an african american female interested in having liposuction on my tummy. I have keloids, what would be the best procedure to do? How do I locate... READ MORE

I went from size 18 down to 10, but i've still got lots of back fat. Can I get it removed? (photos)

I am a 30 y/o aa woman with no children. When I was younger I was larger. My largest was size 18 (205-210lbs). Now I am in a size 10 and even some 8s... READ MORE

Will lipo alone work for extra skin and a pooch after weight loss, or will I need a mini tummy tuck? (photos)

I had a mommy makeover with aggressive LIPO to my flanks and waist. I'm 5"10, and due to my B.M.I. not a good candidate for the tummy tuck. However, I... READ MORE

Is Liposuction Safe for Non-insulin-dependent Diabetic?

I'm a 26 year old black female. I am 6ft tall 270 lbs, and no children, I do not smoke or drink, but I am diabetic. I do not take insulin, I take... READ MORE

Which lipo technique is most cost effective and best results as the actual surgery for back fat and flanks? (Photo)

I recently delivered my second child. I am now over weight. I want to lose inches and weight as well. I am not obese however I'm bigger than I would... READ MORE

What Fat Removal is Best for Me? (photo)

Hi! I am 18 (fully developed) looking to remove love handles. My tummy & thighs also, but mostly love handles b/c they are stubborn &... READ MORE

What are these pockets of fat around my mouth? (Photo)

Hello I'm a 21 year old African American male, and I seen to have these weird pockets around my mouth. I don't know if it's muscle because before... READ MORE

How can I make my liposuction areas that are lumpy and hard feel better? I put arnica on it, hot pads and massage it. (Photo)

Had mommy makeover on the 11th but the lipo is hurting most now. The right hip has a big lump, it looks pretty deform but it's hard and bruised pretty... READ MORE

What's the Best Surgical Option for Fat Face Chin and Neck? (photo)

I've always had a fat face. I'm currently in the process of losing weight. However, my face will still be chubby once I reach my desired weight. I'm... READ MORE

I received laser 2nd degree burns from my lipo surgery. What should I do to help lessen the appearance of scars? (photos)

Also what is the cause i asked the doctor was the machine on too high, they said no, but did not answer why and how the 2nd degree burn happen. The... READ MORE

I have horizontal neck rings w/fatty tissue. I'm African American/Black skin type. Any suggestions? (photos)

I have had horizontal neck rings since birth. With weight gain they have gotten large. I'm in the process of getting control of my health and losing... READ MORE

Am I too large for liposuction? Do liposuction scars keloid? (Photo)

I am an African American woman, 5'6, 200lbs. Am I too large to be a candidate for liposuction of the flank abdomen and back area? Also, I have a few... READ MORE

What can a 13-year-old do about armpit fat? (photo)

I really want to wear a tank top anything you can do to help READ MORE

What is the best type of Lipo for Fibrous Fat?

I have already tried Vaser Lipo, but this was not successful because I have very Fibrous Fat... which is fairly common with black people. Is any... READ MORE

I'm looking for a doctor in Portland Or or Vancouver Wa: I have Ehlers Danlos, how would that affect my surgery (contouring?)

Lipo- fat transfer- from thighs stomach, back- into butt. Im 6ft, African American, 230lbs, had twins, i have Ehlers Danlos Syndrome and im looking to... READ MORE

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