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Was Told Seroma After Liposuction Will Take a Year to Reabsorbing, Should it be Aspirated?

1 week ago I received liposuction of the inner thigh and knees. This is my second time around as I had the procedure done 7 years ago. New doctor said... READ MORE

Is fluid left from abdominal liposuction after taking the drainage out dangerous if not taken out?

My girlfriend had abdominal liposuction exactly two weeks ago. During 1 week post op, the nurse had to use a needle to take out some fluid. She took... READ MORE

How Long To Wait For Revision After Lipofilling?

I would like to know when the resorption of fat cells after a lipofilling to the cheeks stops and when a revision is to be considered. Also, how long... READ MORE

Does Lyposuction Help a Type 1 Diabetic Absorb Insulin Better?

I have been a type1 diabetic for 35 years now, and have thickening of the skin around my middle from injections. Its like playing russin roulete!!... READ MORE

Will hematoma reabsorb? Should I have it drained?

I had a seroma drained multiple times until it reached 37cc. Last time it was drained it formed this large doughy lump. I got an ultrasound and they... READ MORE

Is there anything that can be done to expedite the natural absorption of a post liposuction hematoma?

I have just had gynecomastia removal (Inc lipo) as well as abdominal liposuction. I developed a hemotoma almost immediately following surgery, my... READ MORE

Will abdominal liposuction affect insulin absorption from my insulin pump?

I am considering getting a BBL and I have type I diabetes. From my understanding, liposuction can cause scar formation of the fat tissue. Will this... READ MORE

What is the maximum length of time it can take for fluid to absorb after Lipo?

I had aquashape lipo 6 months ago on my upper and lower abs. There is still some fluid in my lower abdomen that my husband identified (he is a primary... READ MORE

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