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I had lipo almost 4 years ago, and it left my abdomen, deformed, I got fibrosis and you can see all the bumps and uneveness?

Is there any way that i can get rid of those bumps and the fibrosis even if it has been such a long time ago?? READ MORE

Nerve Damage from Arm Lipo 3.5 Years Later?

Hi. I had liposuction in my arms a few years ago (Feb 2009) and the back of my arms still hurt to the touch. Some days its ago but others even the... READ MORE

I Have Ugly Irregularities Above my Knees After Liposuction I Did 4years Ago, Can This Be Corrected with Fat Transfer? (photo)

23 years old, I'm embaressed of my knees, looks like a lot of cellulite and canula trases on very slim legs, which is weired. I'm overal skinny, more... READ MORE

Blotchy Bruised Appearance Remains Post Ankle Liposuction Performed 4 Years Ago? (photo)

I Had liposuction performed to both ankles about 4 years ago..about 600 mL of fat in total was removed from both ankles ( I am petite 50kg 161cm... READ MORE

Second Liposuction - Pros and Cons?

Hi! About 4 years ago I went trough a liposuction that went not good at all... Since then I been doing some research in my country and on internet... READ MORE

I had liposuction 4 years which resulted in lumpy and uneven stomach! Is there anything else I can try?

I was treated again by another surgeon free, as the first surgeon had gone! However, even though the second op was a vast improvement to the first I... READ MORE

Something is definitely wrong, how serious is it? And can/should it be fixed?

I had liposuction on my mid section when I was 19 did not really need it just wanted a shaped waist. I remember we did an awake lipo. At some point I... READ MORE

Will more lipo help and if so what kind?

I had lipo 4 years ago and had amazing results. I have since lost 40 pounds and began weight lifting. I am having great results and building a ton of... READ MORE

Bad liposuction, still feel bad 4 years later. What can I do?

After I got my first daughter I was 27 years old I did a liposuction for my stomach,buttock and thighs and it was very painful and my body looked... READ MORE

Is it normal to have different skin color (spots) around tummy and breast after Liposuction?

I got my liposuction and breast reduction back in 2014, but until now I have different skin pigmentation around my tummy area and my breast. Also, i... READ MORE

What can I do to fix my abdomen after scarring developing after Lipo that I had 4 years ago? (Photo)

I traveld outofstate for brazillian butt lift 4 years ago.After a year passed I noticed a lot of unevenness and hard bumps all over even a big dent on... READ MORE

I am 41 years old and I have terrible sagging and lumps after lipo 4 years ago

I had lipo suction done 4 years ago and my legs have terrible dimpling everywhere. I had saddle bags and cellulite above my knees that I wanted to fix... READ MORE

4 years after liposuction, I still have swelling. How can I fix that problem?

I did not go to same doctor cause i feel angry but how can i fix that problem ? READ MORE

Is it possible to grow fat in a stomach area after It been liposuctioned so the fat growth again in it?

I need to fix my liposuction and replace the fat back to the original area just like before so the other areas in my body get less fat like before . I... READ MORE

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