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How Can I Get Rid of my Abnormally Large Armpit Fat? (photo)

I'm a 21 year old female who's 5'4 & only 107 pounds. I've had these since I was a child, & no matter what weight I am or what exercise I do,... READ MORE

I'm a petite 95 lb female with an elevated, flabby mons pubis. What is the best method/surgery to reduce its size? (photos)

I have an enlarged mons pubis - I think its congenital as I always remember having it. Its excessively squishy and fatty but the pubic/pelvic bone is... READ MORE

Cheek and Chin Fat: What Type of Liposuction is Best?

I am a petite female from orange county ca 21 yrs old I have some extra fat in my lower cheek area and under my neck. I am 5'2 and weigh about... READ MORE

Lipo in inner thigh - too much pain. I can't walk because of it. It's been 10 days. Is it normal? (Regret lipo) (Photo)

Specifically my inner thighs are swelled and I can barely walk due to the pain, it´s been over ten days since the lipo, is this normal? Including pre ... READ MORE

Liposuction to Reduce Abdominal Bloating Due to Lupron?

I am still bloated after taking just one Lupron shot six months ago. I have a baseball-size swelling in my lower abdomen, which was formerly flat. I... READ MORE

Petite Girl: Liposuction, Smart Lipo, or Nothing? I Need Help Before I Go Through with a Procedure (photo)

I am 22 years old, 5'0" in height and my weight has fluctuated between 96-108 lbs depending on my exercise habits. I have been researching liposuction... READ MORE

I'm skinny, so why do I have love handles? (Photo)

Im 18 years old, in two months ill be 19. Ive went from 150lbs to 101lbs with in a year. Im exactly 5 foot tall and ive noticed my love handles are... READ MORE

Doctor Suggested Lipo for Outer Thighs? (photo)

Dear doctors, I went to a plastic surgeon to ask if he could fill a dimple I have on my right buttock, especially when I strain myself. I am also... READ MORE

Back fat? Flab? How do I get rid of this? (Photo)

Hello, I've always been skinny under 105 but my back looks like if I have fat or something. What is this and how can I get rid of it? Lipo, skin... READ MORE

Am I the right candidate for liposuction? (photo)

My thighs always rub against each other. Im tired of the rashes and bumps. I want to get them reduced. I dont want them to touch and am hoping to get... READ MORE

Can I Be A Candidate For Lipo???

I want lipo on the stubborn areas on my legs (saddlebags, knees, area above knees,calves) that I can't get rid of through exercise. I'm 25 yrs old,... READ MORE

Want to reduce chubby cheeks and fix nose shape? (photos)

I'm 20yold, when younger I was chubby and then I started exercising. I weigh 96.8 pounds, height 5'1. I think I have chubby cheeks, I've seen my... READ MORE

What could I expect out of liposuction in my thighs? (photo)

If I were to do liposuction by a board certified plastic surgeon, and found a great doctor, what exactly could I expect out of my lipo? I weigh 102... READ MORE

Was 97 Lbs too Thin for Lipo?

I had liposuction for AFT to breasts. I was 97 lbs and 5'1'' no pregnancies. I am concerned that all my fat was taken out and I will have a sickly... READ MORE

I Need Information on the Amount of Lipo I Want Done?

I am an 18 year opd femail i am 5"1 and 101lbs. I am looking to get liposuction in the following areas. My stomach because is has a little bit of a... READ MORE

Can surgery re-shape my outer thighs? (photo)

My thighs are unusually shaped, and they are the widest part of my body, wider even than my hips (please see landscape photo). I believe that... READ MORE

How long after total hip replacement surgery should I wait for a cosmetic procedure?

Little liposuction on arms, buttocks, and abdomen. I am a petite person. 5'4 and 105 pounds. READ MORE

Is there any possibility to remove arm fat from my tricep area?

I am not overweight 153cm 47kg. I just have had big arms since young. Have tried working out but when it build muscles it becomes bigger. READ MORE

I'm 5'1 and 105-110 lbs. Would you recommend a Liposuction or Tummy Tuck? (photos)

I am not even sure where to begin...I just had last baby 8months ago and am about 10-15lbs from my normal weight of 105-110 and am 5'1" tall. I am... READ MORE

Am I a good candidate for liposuction and what kind suit me best? (photos)

I am Asian and petite. My height is only 4'11 and my weight fluctuate between 90 lbs-104lbs. I think I have a good body proportion but my fat tend to... READ MORE

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