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Is This Much Bruising Normal After Liposonix? (Photo)

I had Liposonix on my arms 3 days ago. While there was no bruising on the day1 (just soreness/tenderness), palm-sized deep purple bruises appeared on... READ MORE

Severe Hair Loss and LipoSonix - Is It Related?

I did the lyposonic treatment about 2 months ago - I won't go into detail but i experienced something pretty bad afterwards with 3 doctors telling... READ MORE

After 3 Lipo Cavitation Treatments, Still Hearing Sound in Ears?

That zzzzzzzzz that comes during the treatments has stayed with me after the 3rd treatment. the zippppp sound. it has been a week now and still have... READ MORE

How Does Diet and Exercise Fit in with Liposonix Results?

I just got liposonix on my lower abs... My question : as far as it was explained to me, this procedure killed fat cells that will now be metabolized... READ MORE

6 Weeks After Liposonix and No Results... Did It Fail?

I had liposonix done 6 weeks ago. I haven't seen results yet. Should I have? Is there going to be a drastic difference one morning? Because... READ MORE

What Should I Do if Liposonix Didn't Work at All?

I had the procedure done a little more than 3 months ago. There has been no change in my diet and I am slightly more active than I was before. I... READ MORE

When Do I Know when I Have Seen the Full Results of LipoSonix?

I had liposonix about 7-8 weeks ago. I have see nsome results, which I think are also partially from exercise and diet. The question is, how do I know... READ MORE

Liposonix. Why Was I Quoted One Price, But Ended Up Paying More?

Why can't my physician explain the liposonix cost to me My fees were quoted 3,000'for three passes of adb and love handles then on the day of... READ MORE

Skinny Flab Treatments? (photo)

Desperate 4advice. A dancer who struggles w/ weight. I've been 2consults 2find treatments. Doc said I didn't really need lipo. Another said I didn't... READ MORE

Liposonix - 140 Joules Total Enough?

Got several shots of pain medication on stomach&flanks via very thin needles. procedure started right away. Didn't feel numb. Started w/ 50... READ MORE

I Had Liposonix Done on March14 2013, is It Safe to Have 2 Nd Treatment Done in Same Area in 6 Wks?

Couldn't find any info on second treatments on the same Area and if its safe to do in 6 weeks from first treatment? READ MORE

Liposonix and Post-Procedure Ketogenic Diet (impact on results)?

A ketogenic diet should not harm liposonix results, right? I've used it in the past to get very lean with great success (then reincorporating healthy... READ MORE

What Will a Second Liposonix Treatment 3 Months After the First Do?

I could initially pinch about 1.5 inches of fat on my belly for my first Liposonix treatment. It's now been 3 months and I can pinch only about an... READ MORE

Liposonix Treatments to the Back Arm Area- Off Label. Is it safe to treat? (Photo)

My sister had the Liposonix treatment to her abdomen w/o bruising & she was happy w/ results so she had the back of both arms done. Before she was... READ MORE

Can the physician infiltrate anesthesia in the area where ll be undertaken liposonix?

Liposonix is a very painful procedure that uses ultrasound technology, i would like to know if the doctor can make anesthesia in the area that will be... READ MORE

Liposonix and Prednisone?

I had a liposonix procedure on Monday. As it turns out, I will need to take prednisone for the next week for an unrelated condition. My doctor did not... READ MORE

What happens if you do liposonix in less than one inch of fat?

Hi, I had liposonix done last week and some of the areas like my stomach didn't have one inch of pinchable fat. Will that damage the muscle or other... READ MORE

No swelling or pain after treatment. Did it still work?

I had liposonix done on my lower abdomen two days ago. 6 squares, 3 passes at 60 jules each. I have had no swelling, bruising or pain since the... READ MORE

What Liposonix Treatment Setting is recommended for a 30 year female, 5'2, 95lbs with knee and thigh fat. (photo)

Early thirties female, 5'2" and 95 lb. However, I have fat legs and my concern was that the fat in the lowest part of the lower thighs/inner knees... READ MORE

Will liposonix still be effective if done in this manner?

During my liposonix treatment the machine malfunctioned after finishing the first pass and my doctor was unable to fix it. Shr said we would have to... READ MORE

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