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No Weight Loss After Liposculpture

I am 2wks post lipo I had about 3.5 quarts of fat removed from my waist,love handles,lower/upper abdomen. I had 5 liters of liquid injected into me... READ MORE

What Would Be Your Advice to Get a Curvy and or Smaller Waist? Are my Expectations Realistic? (photo)

I am 35 yrs old, have 2 children, 5’5 and 145 pounds. I had never had curves and I have a big squared waist. I had 2 lipo consultations with 2 d... READ MORE

What procedure to give me more of an hourglass figure? (Photo)

I have never had a teeny tiny waist--more of a ruler shape. I had a baby four months ago, and have been struggling with weight loss. Are there any... READ MORE

Is Liposculpture Safe and Effective for the Areas I'm Considering? (photo)

I'm in my 60's, slender & considering liposuction for areas where I've always had excess fat - abdomen, waist, hips, buttocks. I'd like to... READ MORE

Am I too thin for liposulpture? (Photo)

I would like to get my waist shaped and my stomach flat. I can grip a handful of skin on either sides of my waist and lowwer stomach and I really hate... READ MORE

Is it normal for the stomach to swell particularly badly after Lipo? (photos)

I had fat transfer with extra liposculpture to waist, flanks, stomach and inner thighs. I'm worried because I don't have bad swelling anywhere but my... READ MORE

Waist sculpting

Recently I have been thinking of getting a more defined waist my waist is somehow defined but I want to define it more or in other words have a... READ MORE

Due to my rectangular figure, will it be physically possible for liposculture to make my waist curve in? (photos)

In better words...What would be the best surgical option? I went to see a Doctor, he wasn't my kind of doctor due to various reasons. I want a... READ MORE

What surgical options are available for an early 20 something young woman who already has a nice figure?

My goal is to have a much smaller waist and rid myself of back fat I've acquired as a result of a breast reduction. I absolutely do not want a tummy... READ MORE

Liposculpture (upper & lower abs, waist and hips) - Large upper abs fat. What is it? How to treat? (Photo)

Liposculpture 6 months ago. Upper & lower abs, waist & hips treated. Followed all Dr's orders, wore compression garments provided by office & went to... READ MORE

Getting abdomen done should I get the bra roll done as well?

I went in for a consultation and in my notes I wrote that I was interested in having work done on my waist, full abdomen, and bra roll. I thought the... READ MORE

Am I a good candidate for liposculpture? (Photo)

I've never been happy wit my type of body ,no shape, no waist and no butt. I've worked out in the past but I've never been able to get a waist and get... READ MORE

What's the best liposculpture procedure for my out of shape body? How much is a reasonable price? (photos)

I want a shapely body again. My children are in their late 20's. I want liposculpture in the stomach, flanks, waist, and scoop on top of buttocks plus... READ MORE

How to get a smaller waist? (photo)

My measurements are 35-24.5-36 how can I make my waist smaller? I know I'm not the best candidate for liposuction because I don't have much fat around... READ MORE

Is it normal to swell in places you haven't had Lipo?

Hello, I had liposculptuere a week ago to my waist (ribs,hips) but my belly is looking round and swollen. I just wonder if this is normal? I had a... READ MORE

Cost in CT for flank lipo? Will it make my waist smaller? (photo)

I'm an RN and have some knowledge of liposuction as I had it done about 7 years ago to my abdomen in the past. Early 40's, 165 lbs, 5'6ft. 1. Will... READ MORE

Which body sculpting (non surgical) fat removal process results in the least skin laxity?

At 61 yrs, I'd like to reduce inflammation but lose inches from my waist and lower abdomen. I don't have a month to recover from a tummy tuck and have... READ MORE

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