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No Difference After Liposculpture

I had Liposculpture 2 weeks ago, and I'm still a few pounds heavier. I can see no difference apart from my back. I had my back, thighs, hips, and... READ MORE

After Liposculpture, Day 1 Looked Great, Day 7 I Could See All the Fat Coming Back

I had liposculpture on outer+inner thighs, hips, and arms one week ago. On Day 1 the thighs looked good, 7 days later, I can see the fat coming back... READ MORE

Is It Normal to Have Uneven Results in Arm-pit Pad Liposculpture

I had liposcultpure on my armpit pads 4 days ago. One side looks fantastic and one looks exactly the same as before the procedure. Is this normal? READ MORE

Body sculpture of back and abdomen 9 Days Post op. Abdomen still burning with sharp pains. Is this normal?

I had a series of sessions of body scuIpture -The first procedure consisted of a fat transfer of 1000 cc of fat to my buttocks. The next procedure was... READ MORE

I'm concerned with the wrinkled, lumpy abs I now have post liposculpture. Is this normal at just over 6 weeks? (Photos)

I am currently 6 weeks post op Liposculpture, had 3.4 liters taken out of my upper and lower abs, flanks, outer thighs and lower back all in TOTAL.... READ MORE

Is severe pockets of fluid/bruising normal after calf circumference reduction?

I had calf lipo sculpture on Wednesday. It's Saturday evening. today has been the worst day of swelling ever! I'm afraid 2 walk around 2 much because... READ MORE

3 weeks post-op Liposculpture and still concerned about lumpiness, bumps, and liquid retention. (Photos)

I had lipo sculpture a bit over 3 weeks ago. I have noticed the swelling going down which in turn is now revealing many lumps and bumps. I've been... READ MORE

11 weeks after liposculpture and still swollen. Is this normal? (Photo)

I had liposculpture done 11 weeks ago. This week I complete my 7th lymphatic messages, still Wearing compression garment a few hours during the day... READ MORE

How did I develop a third degree burn from 360 liposculpture? (photos)

I had 360 liposculpture on Feb 17, 2017 and develop dead tissue and third degree burn. Is this normal? If not, how to treat it? What should I do from... READ MORE

Is it normal after lipo (during the first two weeks) to have one side more contoured than the other? (photos)

Will it heal evenly? I am 25 years old and I recently had lipo on my chin and neck area with fat injected into my jawline. It is day 5 and I am still... READ MORE

2 months post op Liposculpture. Experiencing dimpling, dents and lumps. Is this normal for almost 8 weeks post op? (Photo)

I am almost 8 weeks (2 months) post Liposculpture. My doctor said I was a perfect candidate, I'm very active. I have now had since 2 Thermismooth... READ MORE

4 months lipo done. And my belly is not flat yet; why?

Have a lipo sculpture done 4 months question is it's normal that m belly is still swollen and fat??..what can I do to have a flat belly.??? READ MORE

Healing after Liposculpture?

I had my procedure almost a week ago (liposculpture) my torso and back are terribly swollen and painful especially when I move from a position to... READ MORE

My belly skin feels thin after lipo is this normal? (photos)

Hi I'm 31 years old and back in late July of this year I had liposculpture done and still feel a bit sore around the mid section where most fat was... READ MORE

I am almost 8 weeks post-op, movement causes a burning sensation in my body -- is this normal after liposculpture?

If I am laying in bed & lift up , my body burns on the side where the muscles are working. Not sure if my muscles are stretched or damaged or if... READ MORE

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