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What should I do after slough is removed by santyl? (photos)

Had a tt, lipo, bbl. All went well except for a bad burn on my right flank. I have come a long way, finally got Rx santyl and its removing all the... READ MORE

Liquid Liposuction/Liposoft...returning to Cardio Exercise?

I had Liposoft 3 days ago on my Inner Thighs, Flanks, and Lower Abdomen. Just wondering when I can return to cardio exercise - elliptical trainer etc.... READ MORE

Aftercare of Sculptured Lipo and Butt Enhancement?

I just had a sculptured lipo on 3/27/12, out of state. On my back, flanks and a butt enhancement, however my dr said that i needed to follow up with... READ MORE

I'm considering liposculpture. Can I expect a true hour glass shape with a flat stomach? (Photo)

I am 24 years old. I never had children. I am a bariatric patient, lost 70 pounds. I do not really have any loose skin. I am at my ideal weight... READ MORE

Is it normal for the stomach to swell particularly badly after Lipo? (photos)

I had fat transfer with extra liposculpture to waist, flanks, stomach and inner thighs. I'm worried because I don't have bad swelling anywhere but my... READ MORE

Will I get the results I want with Liposculpture? (Photo)

I seek to get liposculpture on my abdomen, flanks, full back, inner thighs, and quadriceps. I like that the incision is small and recovery that is... READ MORE

What can I do about over liposuction of flanks? (photos)

I went to a very reputable dr known for great success with bbl surgeries. When he advised me of the areas he would be removing fat from, I trusted... READ MORE

Local or general anesthesia?

I am presently interviewing surgeons for my wish lipo sculpting of abdomen flanks and upper back, I'mhealthy, exercise regularly and 5" 3 in, 137lbs... READ MORE

I have edema and pain after 4d dynamic body sculpting. Is it normal?

Three months ago I had a 4d dynamic body sculpting in abdomen, flanks and ights I still have oedema and pain in some areas is normal and for how long... READ MORE

Did my doc forget extra lipo or is it possible I only had 150cc of fat?! (photos)

On 3rd Dec I had breast implants with fat transfer and also paid extra for liposculpture/ smart lipo to flanks, stomach, waist and inner thighs. My... READ MORE

What's the best liposculpture procedure for my out of shape body? How much is a reasonable price? (photos)

I want a shapely body again. My children are in their late 20's. I want liposculpture in the stomach, flanks, waist, and scoop on top of buttocks plus... READ MORE

Liposculpture issues (photos)

I'm a 44 yr old male that stays in good shape . I had liposculpture on my abs and flanks . I'm currently 12 days post opp . Still have bruising and... READ MORE

Cost in CT for flank lipo? Will it make my waist smaller? (photo)

I'm an RN and have some knowledge of liposuction as I had it done about 7 years ago to my abdomen in the past. Early 40's, 165 lbs, 5'6ft. 1. Will... READ MORE

When do Liposculpture results finalize?

I have done a liposculpture surgery three weeks ago , my main concern was my hips .. my doctor worked a lot on my waist line and flanks but didn't... READ MORE

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