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Liposculture on Upper Arms Cost?

How much does Liposculpture cost? I am a petite 5 foot tall 22-year-old and I am looking to get lipo on my upper arms. I do not have a lot to be... READ MORE

How Much Does Liposculpture Cost?

What is the average cost of this procedure? How much would Liposculpture on the abdomen, underarms, and jowls cost? READ MORE

Average Cost of LipoSculpture and Brazilian Butt Lift?

I am 33 years old and I'm looking to get a total body makeover. I need LipoSculpture, Brazilian Butt Lift, and Breast Augmentation. How much would all... READ MORE

What is the Pricing for Liposuction/liposculpture on the Inner Thighs or Calves?

My legs have always been a problem, as they are much fatter than my upper half. Exercise and dieting has never been able to rid of the fat on my... READ MORE

How Much Does Liposculpture Cost in Michigan?

I am considering Liposculpture to remove excess skin under my chin. What is the usual cost for this procedure in Michigan? READ MORE

I want to look slimmer, what surgeries do I need with the least scarring? (photos)

I've never been a fan of my body b/c I feel fat/insecure. I posted pictures of myself at every angle and also pictures of bodies I admire. Is it... READ MORE

How much a 4d dynamic body sculpture would cost?

How much a 4d dymamic body sculpture would cost ???????? tummy.......hips....upper hands........buttock........backside........and wist i am 155 cm... READ MORE

Liposculture - how much does it cost? Will it work for me? (Photo)

I'm a 52 years healthy women, mother of 3. I will like to know if a liposculture will work for me and what are the prices? READ MORE

How much would it cost to have Liposculpture to inner & outer thighs, lower back and lower belly to improve buttock?

Generally how much would this -package cost and what are the limits to the amount of fat which can be taken out ? ? I also just had a tummy tuck also... READ MORE

Cost in CT for flank lipo? Will it make my waist smaller? (photo)

I'm an RN and have some knowledge of liposuction as I had it done about 7 years ago to my abdomen in the past. Early 40's, 165 lbs, 5'6ft. 1. Will... READ MORE

I'm 23, 5'4, & weigh 145lbs. I would love to get Liposculpture, trim some fat on my face, & add some fat to my butt. Cost??

I do kickboxing 6-7 days per week and love working out. I eat healthy and I have lost 40lbs in a short amount of time (3-5months). I've been trying to... READ MORE

What will the cost be and risk factor for liposculpture and breast lift? (photos)

I am 21 yrs old I am very active with working out but I also have PCOS I am overweight and have a hanging stomach: I've struggled with weight loss all... READ MORE

Is it possible to receive liposculpture in NYC for less than $4000? (Photo)

I went for A Consultation for one that was around that price range and I can't say it was bad because the facility was clean and the Workers were... READ MORE

How much will the procedures cost me? (Photo)

Hello! I'm really interested in having my lower body sculpted, it would includey hips because I don't have much.. My legs and my butt, also lipo on my... READ MORE

How much would that be? How does the payment plan work? Would I be able to receive a military discount?

I'm 6'0 240 I want a defined six back and fat sucked out of my chest. I also want little fat removed from my back. READ MORE

Which doctor to do liposculpture with bbl to go to with good cost?

Im planning to go and do liposcupture and liposucti9n with bbl . Im looking for a doctor in colombia, someone who could give me a full package .. any... READ MORE

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