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I Carry Weight in my Stomach. Am I a Good Liposculpture Candidate?

I Am 5'7" and Weigh 190lbs, I Carry my Weight in my Stomach. is Liposulpture Right for Me? READ MORE

Am I Right for Liposculpture?

Hello doctors! I am looking to do liposculture. I am 5'10 and 180lbs. I am wanting to get rid of about 25lbs. I live in the Dallas metro and if... READ MORE

Am I a Candidate for Liposculture and Are the Results Permanent? What if I Gain Weight?

How do i know if im a candidate for liposculpture? im healthy. i watch what i eat. i weigh 60 kgs. i have never fluctuated in weight unless sick and i... READ MORE

Liposculture - how much does it cost? Will it work for me? (Photo)

I'm a 52 years healthy women, mother of 3. I will like to know if a liposculture will work for me and what are the prices? READ MORE

Is Liposcultpure in Eyebrow Level an Existing Procedure?

I know its not common, but is it a real existing procedure/treatment? when could a subtile liposculpture in the eyebrow area be required? Is it a safe... READ MORE

Am I too thin for liposulpture? (Photo)

I would like to get my waist shaped and my stomach flat. I can grip a handful of skin on either sides of my waist and lowwer stomach and I really hate... READ MORE

What is the difference between liposculpture and liposuction?

What is the difference between liposculpture and liposuction? Is there a difference in how it is surgically performed? Who are good candidates for... READ MORE

Will I get the results I want with Liposculpture? (Photo)

I seek to get liposculpture on my abdomen, flanks, full back, inner thighs, and quadriceps. I like that the incision is small and recovery that is... READ MORE

5'7 and 125 pounds. I want an hourglass shape. Am I a good candidate for a liposculpture? (Photo)

Hi, I'm 26 years old and I'm 5'7 (171cm) and weight around 125lb (57kg). I do sports 4-5x a week and I'm not overweight or anything, but I feel like I... READ MORE

Am I a good candidate for liposculture? (Photo)

Is a mini tuck a better option for me? What's average and recovery time? I would like smart lipo with tummy tite and fat transfer to even out the... READ MORE

Will liposculpture be enough to get me a flat tummy? I workout regularly and have lost 82 lbs on my own. Prefer no TT (Photo)

My biggest concern has been my stomach. My thighs are second, my breasts are third. I know i can tone my thighs with exercise. But my stomach hasn't... READ MORE

What would I need to have done to have a more sculpted stomach? (Photo)

I've had two babies, we are done. I had a 6 pack before kids. I work out twice a day, I ride at least 100 miles a month and I cannot for the life of... READ MORE

Am I a good candidate for liposculpture? (Photo)

I've never been happy wit my type of body ,no shape, no waist and no butt. I've worked out in the past but I've never been able to get a waist and get... READ MORE

Am I a candidate for a liposculpture and transfer fat??? (photos)

Hello there !i i am 32 years old ,mom of 2 i am interested in getting a liposculture and tranfer fat, i have 2 c- section and i have a little buldge... READ MORE

How do I know if body sculpting would work for me and not need a full on tummy tuck? (Photo)

Does this clinic do plastic surgery? I think I would be a candidate for a full tummy tuck. I have a very big skin flap that hangs in the abdomen area,... READ MORE

How to get a smaller waist? (photo)

My measurements are 35-24.5-36 how can I make my waist smaller? I know I'm not the best candidate for liposuction because I don't have much fat around... READ MORE

I would like to know my options or anything else that can be done to help me get a shapely figure? (Photo)

Hello, I am currently looking to add to my figure, mainly in my hips and butt area. However, I am 5'1 and 112 pounds. I have a BMI of 21 which is not... READ MORE

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