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Large Lump on Back Near Shoulder Blade. Second Opinion?

Wife went to dr b/c we noticed large bump (size of baseball but more oval) on back. The dr looked & said it resembled a lipoma. He sent her for an... READ MORE

Lipodissolve for Dissolving Fatty Tumors?

I have some fatty tumors and am wondering, would Lipodissolve dissolve them? I have a lot of them, all different sizes. These tumors are strating to... READ MORE

Best Surgeon and Method for Removal of Lipoma at Base of Neck?

I've had lipoma approx. 15 years w/no issues. Last year growing and more painful - appears to be interfering with neck nerves (dizziness, sharp... READ MORE

Lipoma Removal Near the Knee. Surgery or Lipo? And Do I Need To Wear A Garment After? (photo)

I have a 10cm lipoma removal to be done. It is on the inner side of my knee. Two questions (1) will need a surgery or liposuction will do? (2) do I... READ MORE

What Can I Expect From Lipoma Removal From My Rib?

I am a 14 year old female and I have had this for 2 years. It is painful and they said it is probably laying on a nerve. I have an appointment with... READ MORE

Lipomas Lower Back and Sacrum?

Hi, I have few lipomas in lower back and sacrum area maybe around 10 in total. I am wondering if its best to get them taken out? I do weight lifting... READ MORE

Left Foot Lipoma, Calcaneus Bone, It Has Started to Hurt.

Hello 7 months ago i went to MR, my left foot started to hurt at while i was working, on MR the doctors said that it is a "LIPOMA INTRAOSSEALIS... READ MORE

Large Lipoma Removal - Surgery or Liposuction?

I have a large (abt the size of a small lime) lipoma on my upper thigh. I just saw a general surgeon who said it could be removed via surgery (with a... READ MORE

How To Know If Lypoma Is Dangerous?

Have a lypoma for around 6 years! Do not have insurance. Has been looked at but no indepth exam has been done. How does a Doctor know if dangerous or... READ MORE

Can 5 Angilipomas Be Removed Through One Incision?

I have 5 angiolipomas within 3 inch diameter area. can they all be removed through a signle small incision? Can the skin be pulled up from the Muscle... READ MORE

Why Hasn't the Use of Balloon Endoscopic Removal Become More Prevelant for Removing Lipomas?

This seems like a good technique for multiple lipomas within a body area. READ MORE

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