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Swelling After a Lipoma Removal

Hi, I had a lipoma from my back removed and there is a swelling now, which my doctor reduced a bit by syringing it out some blood. He couldnt take any... READ MORE

Swelling After Large Lipoma Removal? Whats the Cause and Cure?

My husband had a lipoma removed from the back of his neck four days ago. Now the right side of his neck is swollen to the size of a golf ball. Need... READ MORE

I Had a Small Lipoma Removed from Forehead. 3 Days Later, Swelling & Bruising in the Corner of my Eye & Nose. Normal?

I Had a Small Lipoma Removed from my Forehead.  After 3 Days I Developed Swelling & Bruising in the Corner of my Eye & Nose. H Is this... READ MORE

Is Swelling and Pain Common After Lipoma Removal?

I had a lypoma removed from the muscle in my thigh 10 weeks ago and I am still having a lot of pain and swelling in my entire leg (mostly the knee... READ MORE

Lipoma Swelled, Purple, Has Discharge, and Extremely Painful. No Insurance, No Money for Surgery. What Can I Do?

I have had a lipoma on my back between neck and shoulder for a couple years now. Recently, it has become inflamed, and is swollen, purple, painful to... READ MORE

4 Days Post-Lipoma Removal. Still Swollen and Painful. Normal?

I Had a Lipoma Removed from my Right Axillary 4 Days Ago and I Am Still in a Lot of Pain and Swollen. What Should I Do? Should I be worried that I am... READ MORE

Is this swelling normal? (Photo)

My husband had a large lipoma removed from right side of abdomen between two muscles. And it seems there is more swelling and still draining alil bit.... READ MORE

What is the Name of the Swelling That Occures After the Removal of a Lipoma Under my Arm?

I had a Lipoma removed 9 days ago from under my arm.There is swelling where the surgery was.This was drained,what is the name of this accumilation of... READ MORE

Is It Common for a Lipoma to Return in a Three Week Time Period.

I had one removed about the size of a golfball from my sternum three weeks ago. No pain or discomfort, but a simular lump has reapeared. could it be... READ MORE

How long is the recovery for an osteoma removal endoscopically? It is normal to still have swelling?

I have this surgery done 1 month ago, I still have swelling, my doctor say it is normal and it will go away at the 3 month mark. I also had a... READ MORE

I have swelling and bruising after a lipoma removal surgery. Is this normal?

I had a lipoma removal 6 weeks ago on my thigh. The incision has healed nicely. However a couple of weeks ago it started swelling and its hard and... READ MORE

How Fast Do Lipomas Grow?

I noticed a small swelling on the left side of my abdomen in may each week it has grown bigger I had a scan on June the 26th the mass measured 12cm on... READ MORE

2 Weeks After Lipoma Surgery, Still Have Pain and Swelling. Is This Normal?

Top of shoulder side of neck area. General anaesthetic. As painful as day1 and it's been two weeks. Heavy tight pulling sensation. Pain extended... READ MORE

Heat Compress Causing More Swelling After Removal of a Sebarceous Cyst?

I had a procedure done to remove a sebaceous cyst above my left eyebrow, after the surgery a hematoma formed and after about 4 weeks of treatment it... READ MORE

How Long Until Swelling Goes Down After Lipoma Surgery on Back? (photo)

Had a large lipoma removed from my back 10 days ago without a drain tube. Swelling larger than a football after surgery and very painful.Doctor... READ MORE

Swelling After Neck Dissection? (photo)

I had over 30 lympnoids (sp) removed from my neck because of cancer. The surgery was 6 days ago and the swelling continues. He aspirated the area... READ MORE

I had my Lipoma removed above my left eyebrow a month ago and now its swelling. Is this normal?

I'm 36 and had the Lipoma my entire life. During the removal the lipoma burst. Doctor feels the fat must have liquified at one time. He stitched... READ MORE

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