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How Big Should the Lipoma Be for Surgery to Take Place?

I have big one behind left elbow along with smaller one in same area that are starting to connect. Also one in my upper left thigh size of green... READ MORE

Best Way to Remove Multiple Lipomas?

Hi, I am Bhupathi and 28 yrs old. I have nearly 300 lipoma in my whole body. Most of the lipoma stayed in arms,legs and stomach. I am searching for... READ MORE

Is There a Non-surgical Way to Remove Lipomas?

I have lipomas all over my hands, back, stomach and thighs, they are not huge size but they are close to each other, I think just on my hands I have... READ MORE

Should I Get This Lipoma Checked Out On My Stomach?

Hi There, My doctor thinks I have a lipomas on my stomach. My parents and sibling have all died from cancer. Do you think I should have a biopsy since... READ MORE

Lipoma!? Tumor? Remove? Hurts?

I went to a doctor and he said it was fatty tissue.. Months pass and I noticed it got bigger.. Not too big but almost the length if my pinky.. I play... READ MORE

Is it safe to have a Lipoma removed from my butt cheek and fat graft from my stomach to butt cheek at the same time?

I'm getting a tummy tuck and I have a lipoma on my right butt-cheek. The doctor is going to remove it then take fat from my tummy and graft it... READ MORE

I had a lipoma removed from between my rib and stomach area five days ago. When I get up I am very disoriented. (Photo)

I have some burning/stinging pain when I am up. But everything else is fine, just can't take the dizziness. Keep feeling like I'm going to pass out. I... READ MORE

I had a Lipoma taken out from the side of my stomach and it got real hard and lumpy.

My dermatologist tried draining but hardly any blood came out, its now 3 weeks later and its so hard and it hurts , My dermatologist said all he can... READ MORE

Potruding tommy. Doc feels is lipoma. Fatty deposit under the skin (photos)

Complete abdominal scan shows fatty liver only while other organs check shows normal including prostate. The fat is grabable. Its above the navel. Pls... READ MORE

My body is generating multiple lipoma in stomach and back. Is there any solution to stop this. How can I remove every lipoma.

I have a lot of lipma in my body. I want to stop the generation of new lipma. Now I found that Lipoma is under back side and my stomach. Some are on... READ MORE

Lipoma in stomach. Can I have it removed?

I had lythotrpsy in April 2016. Then after few months some sensation occurs in my left side of stomach. When i touch there it feels like something is... READ MORE

Hundreds of Painful Lipomas With Dercum's Disease: Non-Surgical Ways to Remove Them?

My Wife's lipomas tend to attach and wrap around nerve clusters, which is typical of Dercum's. The Disease is very rare, & she also has... READ MORE

Lipoma Removal Even if "Low Priority"?

I have a lipoma, it's above my stomach but under the rib cage. it's the size of a typical easter egg, when i lay down it sticks out more, my doctor... READ MORE

Fifty or More Lipomas Around my Stomach. What Do You Recommend for Removal?

I have fifty or more lypomas around my stomach. I am told they are caused by heredity. They are gatherings of fat just under the skin causing lumps or... READ MORE

Swollen and there were blood clots after stomach lipoma surgery. Is this normal after three weeks?

After stomach surgery lipoma left side. I noticed my stomach was swollen and there were blood clots. at first I found the doctor and the doctor said... READ MORE

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