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Can a Paraspinal Lipoma Cause Severe Pain and Numbness?

I have been experiencing pain and numbness down my right side for the past 8 months. It ranges from annoying to excruciating. I have had so many tests... READ MORE

Could a Large Lipoma Be Removed From Over My Spine?

Could a Large Lipoma Be Removed That is Lying over the Top of my Spine? I am worried that it might be surrounding the nerves or too near the nerves of... READ MORE

Spinal Lipoma?

I had a spinal lipoma removed age 2 but it wasn't all removed due to risk of paralysis. I'm now 30 and been having lower back pain for 18 months and... READ MORE

I Have a Lipoma and Have a Tingling Feeling On the Side of My Face. Could They Be Connected?

I have a lipoma at the back of my neck that feels as if it is attached to my spine. I have recently been suffering from tingling in the left side of... READ MORE

I am 26 years old. How to removed Lipoma without surgery?

I m 26 years old and inside spine lipoma 5.3cm size. How to removed without surgery treatment please help. And pain in leg READ MORE

My Lipomas is 20cc (From Shoulder to Spine) I Have a SCS, Would it be Able to be Removed?

I am going in for removal of my lipomas and I am concern that it may have attached itself to my Spinal Cord Stimulator...what would happen IF it did READ MORE

Lypoma on Both Sides of my Spine- Suggestions For Removal?

I saw my PCP 5 years ago for a lypoma on the left side of my spine (L-4/L-5). My PCP said since i have had 2 removed 20 years ago, to not worry about... READ MORE

Can a dermatologist remove a possible lipoma near my cervical vertebrae?

I have had a small lipoma removed from my left forearm about 3 years ago. Now there is a mobile mass that feels rubbery and elliptical right next... READ MORE

Can it be dangerous to remove a lipoma located along the spine?

The lipoma is 1/4 bigger than a tennis ball and located on the left side along the dorsal vertebra's. READ MORE

Should surgery be performed for a 3.0cm intramuscular lipoma adjacent to the anterior inferior left iliac spine?

I was in a car accident 3 months ago and have had increasing pain in hip it is to the point of shooting pain during certain movements and... READ MORE

I have a lipoma on upper right side close to spine

Lipoma has grown from 4 cm to 6 1/2 cm in one year I frequently have spasm its on upper right side next to spine should I have it removed? READ MORE

Should i ask for MRI

I had 2 lipmoas removed from the lower back one on either side of my spine and another removed from my tail bone 3 mnths later. Its been 12 mnths and... READ MORE

I Have a 3x5 Cm Lipoma/left Midback Close to the Spine. CT Shows Infiltration in to the Muscle, What Should I Do?

A core biopsy was advised first. If it is malignant or merely removed, the general surgeon said that I may lose a very large amount of the muscle.This... READ MORE

Spinal lipoma, is it necessary to remove them? Or are some OK to leave alone?

I think I have a spinal lipoma in my mid back right next to and slightly on my spine. My only symptom is I feel pressure in that area sometimes. It is... READ MORE

How Serious is a Lipoma on the Spine?

I have Lipoma on my spine and it causes my back and legs to hurt.. I have an app. with a surgeon, is this something i need to be concerned with??? READ MORE

Removal of Lipoma on Spine. Need Help Choosing a Doctor?

I have a lipoma directly on my spine. I have a tendency to get keloids, what type of dr. should do the surgery? READ MORE

After surgery to remove lipoma from spine, my son is continuously urinating. Is this something that can be cured?

We want to know after lipoma surgery also urine continuously s there that can be cured r not . My son 2 years old onle he got lipoma with back spine... READ MORE

Can a lipoma against spine cause headaches?

My doctor is 98% sure the lump on my back/collarbone area is a lipoma.I am scheduled to go for an ultrasound as it is against and right along my spine... READ MORE

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