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Dangers of Lipoma on the Scalp?

I have a lipoma on my scalp. I got opinions from four different doctors and I guess it's uncommon for lipomas to be on the scalp. What are the dangers... READ MORE

Risks and Recovery Period of Deep Lipoma Removal?

I have what is believed to be a lipoma in the small of my back. It is considered large and deep. I have had some pain and a lot of tingling and... READ MORE

What Are the Pros and Cons of Lipoma Removal?

I have a lipoma the size of a golf ball on my middle lower back right above my buttocks.  I have never had surgery and I am self conscious of the... READ MORE

Best Way to Remove Large Neck Lipoma?

I have a large lipoma (about 4 in.), on the left side of my neck. What would be my best option to remove it? It's obviously a major eyesore, but I... READ MORE

Risks of Lipoma Removal in the Neck?

I have a lipoma on the front part of my neck and it's growing rapidly. I want a cosmetic removal. Are there any risks involved since its on my neck?... READ MORE

Facial Lipoma Next To Eye

Hello! My husband is planning to get a facial lipoma removed, and the lipoma is actually right next to his right eye. The doctor's have told him... READ MORE

I've Had a Lipoma In My Left Armpit Since 2003, And This Year Is Started Growing. Can I Use Deodorant?

I've Had a Lipoma In My Left Armpit Since 2003, And This Year Is Started Growing. Can I Use Deodorant? READ MORE

How to Treat Forehead Lipoma on Infant?

My 9 month old has a bump above his eyebrow. His pediatrician and dermatologist both said it is a lipoma and to see a plastic surgeon if we want it... READ MORE

My doctor told me I have a lipoma on the back of my neck. What are the risk of surgery?

My doctor told me from what he could feel and see the lipoma (fatty tumor) is 10 cm by 10 cm. it causes me pain and I'm worried that it has grown... READ MORE

What is the chance of nerve damage from lipoma surgery ?

I have lipoma under my jaw line. The tumor is the size of a grape. I had a ct scan and the doctor says it is against my nerve. I have a little pain... READ MORE

Large Lipoma Removal - Surgery or Liposuction?

I have a large (abt the size of a small lime) lipoma on my upper thigh. I just saw a general surgeon who said it could be removed via surgery (with a... READ MORE

I Have a Lipoma on my Back. Is There a Risk Waiting to Remove It?

I just discovered what appears to be a lipoma (maybe 1" in diameter) on my lower left back. I think it has been contributing to lower back pain.... READ MORE

Lipoma under the armpit. What are the risks of getting it removed?

I went to the doctor's today, & he said I have a Lipoma under my armpit. He said he couldn't do the operation in the doctor's office because there are... READ MORE

Can a change in hormones during pregnancy cause lipomas to grow or multiply?

I have at least 30-60 lipomas in my small bowel and colon. My husband and I would like to try to have a baby and my doctor has said that medically she... READ MORE

My Lipomas is 20cc (From Shoulder to Spine) I Have a SCS, Would it be Able to be Removed?

I am going in for removal of my lipomas and I am concern that it may have attached itself to my Spinal Cord Stimulator...what would happen IF it did READ MORE

I Might Have a Milignant Lipoma. What Does This Mean?

I just had a lipoma removed and they think it might be malignant. I am so scared I know have cancer. It is at the Univ of Penn for tests. What does... READ MORE

How to Remove Fluid Already Collected Under Skin

I did the operation for removing a lipoma one month ago the last two weeks i felt there is fluid collected under the skin which i feel not comfortable... READ MORE

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