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A Fast-growing Lipoma of the Cheek/gum Removed, then Recurred. What to Do?

My sister had a fast-growing "lipoma" removed from inside her upper cheek. It is growing back. Now she has one in the gum/cheek margin, same... READ MORE

I keep having reocurring fatty lipoma tumors grow on my left side right up under my rib cage.

Only test I haven't had it MRI. They ave never shown up in any tests The doctor takes my word and each time it has been a tumor in the same exact area... READ MORE

Lipoma on Forehad Recurring for 4th Time in 12 Years, What Should I Do?

I've had it removed each time by plastic surgeon and each time I* have nerve damage to left eye which causes my eye to be a little smaller. It is... READ MORE

Reoccurring Benign Lipoma, Any Advice?

Hi - I am 27, male, and in decent shape. I have had a lipoma removed from my chest and 2 from my lower back (left and right), one of which was... READ MORE

Is there any chances of reoccurrence of lipoma after surgery? (photos)

I had a mutilocated lipoma on my left upper arm. It was massive. On 6th Feb 2015 I got it removed by incision thru general Anesthesia. But now I again... READ MORE

Recurrent lipoma on forehead. Should I have it removed again?

Has come back 5 times. The 1st 4 times it was removed pathology came back benign but last removal was 2 yrs ago and pathology showed a liposarcoma. Dr... READ MORE

Reoccurring Lipoma and getting infected - root cause? (photo)

I had lipomas across my body (varied sizes). a year back, i had an infection in the thigh lipoma (in inch dia) & got it operated. again there was... READ MORE

I had a lipoma removed from my forehead about a year ago and it came back. (photo)

The new lipoma it's a flat bump it's not that big but you can tell in the light want to get it remove now before it grows big my question is what can... READ MORE

Can breast axillary lipoma reoccur after incision?

I have got breast axillary lipoma in both underarms as my grand mother had it as well. One side it's small and other side it's comparatively big. I... READ MORE

Lypoma on Top and Ganglion Cyst Underneath. What is the Normal Healing Time For Removal?

I had what i thought was a lipoma removed from my anke , when the doctor opened it up he said it was very big (size of a tangerine )he said on top was... READ MORE

Do Lipomas Multiply After It's Removal?

Hello, i am 28 year old male. Several years ago i've had 8 lipomas removed by surgeon (surgical excision). Now i have 12 medium size (0,5 - 1,5... READ MORE

Why do lipomas reoccur on my scalp?

Im 48 yrs old, female, ive had lipoma several times on my scalp and they were removed surgically, but they keep on appearing. now i have 7 on my scalp... READ MORE

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