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Sabaceous Cyst Removal?

I have no insurance and haven't seen a doctor for years. I would like to have a cyst the size of a quarter taken off my right shoulder. It has been... READ MORE

What is the Name of the Swelling That Occures After the Removal of a Lipoma Under my Arm?

I had a Lipoma removed 9 days ago from under my arm.There is swelling where the surgery was.This was drained,what is the name of this accumilation of... READ MORE

How Soon After Lipoma Removal Can You Resume Exercise?

I have three lipomas on legs one is 4cm and i would like to have them removed. how soon after removal can i resume my exercise routine? READ MORE

Lipoma Removal for 8 Year Old Child? Safe to Undergo Surgery at This Age?

My daughter has this lipoma in between her eyes and nose.  About 4 times already, we visited a certain surgeon to remove this but I was afraid my... READ MORE

My Son Has a Lipoma in His Foot DR in PMH Refuses to Operate What to Do?

My son has been diagnosed with a lipoma in his left foot just over a year ago. Went and seen a dr in a kids hospital and he refused to remove the lump... READ MORE

Questioning my primary doctor about Lipoma. Any suggestions?

I asked my doctor what he thought about getting my Lipoma removed he is the one who diagnosed it. He told me normally they don't do anything with them... READ MORE

What are possible postop complications that could be causing an area near the removal site to feel hard underneath the skin?

I got clusters of lipomas removed in my lower back 10 days ago & I thought I was healing well- but this morning I noticed a hard lump on my back just... READ MORE

What kind of Doctor should remove a head lipoma?

I went to a dermatologist to have a cyst removed from my head. It turned out to be a lipoma instead. He said it was much bigger then he thought and... READ MORE

Will my surgery area drain itself after the draining tube was removed?

Last week I had surgery to remove a lipoma on my upper thigh. For a week I had a draining tube in. A week later they removed it and said it will drain... READ MORE

I had large lipoma surgery on the back of my thigh. When can the drains be removed?

Doc said it was not a proper lipoma rather spreaded over large area. READ MORE

Should Lipoma in the Psoas Muscle Be Removed?

During a routine scan before prostate surgery, a tumor showed up in my husband's right psoas muscle which could be a lipoma or a liposarcoma. He is... READ MORE

What is the Maximum Time Limit to Remove the Stitches After Having a Surgery?

I had a lipoma removal 14 days ago the incision was about 3 inches under the chest . when do i have to remove the stitches ,and is there any danger of... READ MORE

Can 5 Angilipomas Be Removed Through One Incision?

I have 5 angiolipomas within 3 inch diameter area. can they all be removed through a signle small incision? Can the skin be pulled up from the Muscle... READ MORE

I Have a Lipoma in a Lymph on my Rt Shoulder, Had It 10 Months and It Come Up over Night!

They says its just a lipoma, lipomas dont come up over night . I had non- hudg-lymph in my lft tonsil, took my whole throat and re-did it in 2002... READ MORE

Im 13 and living in the UK and have lipomas at the tops of my thighs. How much would it cost to remove these?

How much would it cost me to remove these seen as they are causing me a great deal of pain? Or is it free because i am under 16 and living in the uk READ MORE

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