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Is Surgery The Only Option For Recurring Wrist Lipoma?

I understand lipoma's can recur if some tissue was missed upon removal. That seems to be my issue after having a lipoma in my wrist removed 16... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Regrow Removed Lipoma?

My son is 10,he had abdominal lipoma. we got that removed by surgery 5 years ago,there was no symptoms up to now ,but now i see his abdomen is bigger... READ MORE

I Had a 15.5 Cm Lipoma Removed from my Abdominal Cavity. The Pain is Back, What to Do?

My tumor was 4 lbs and required major surgery to remove it. I had a distinctive pain associated with the tumor, now, 2 years later the same pain is... READ MORE

Is It Common for a Lipoma to Return in a Three Week Time Period.

I had one removed about the size of a golfball from my sternum three weeks ago. No pain or discomfort, but a simular lump has reapeared. could it be... READ MORE

Recurrence of Lipoma?

Hi I am a 28yo female who had a lipoma surgically removed back in july this year. according to the surgeon he was very worried lipoma was bigger then... READ MORE

Had Two Painful Lipomas Removed from Back 6 Months Apart. Now Back Again Same Spot?

These lipomas are very painful and are re-appearing within a month of surgery. I can't get an answer about what is going on from my doctors. READ MORE

Can More Than One Lipoma Be in the Same Area?

About a month ago my partner noticed a lump about the size of a grape on her upper buttocks...almost near her hip area. We had it checked by our... READ MORE

Lipoma Attacks the Same Area Now for the 4th Time?

My lipoma is on my left rib and has been removed 3x already and keeps tripling in size. Its now 8.4cm and pressing on my large intestines. I have... READ MORE

Lipoma Recurrence?

Two years ago a lump appeared on my lower back. Biopsy was inconclusive so decided to leave it alone. After it grew quickly to 15cm it was removed and... READ MORE

Reccuring Lipoma?

Had large lipoma size of melon removed from under arm 9 years ago. 2 years ago had same on removed and this time was size of large potatoe. This last... READ MORE

What are the chances of developing MRSA if I already had it once?

Two weeks ago I had a lipoma removed by my Dermatologist in the office. It took her over 1.5 hours to remove the whole thing. A week later I realized... READ MORE

What do I do? After lipoma removal last year it is coming back and severely painful.

I had a lipoma removed a year ago in my right upper quadrant where my gallbladder surgery was. Within the last month it has started coming back. I am... READ MORE

Recurring lipomas on lower back. What to do after 2 surgeries?

I have had lower lipomas on my back since February 2015 I am in the military and wear heaving gear and noticed these lipomas after a fall with gear on... READ MORE

Hundreds of Painful Lipomas With Dercum's Disease: Non-Surgical Ways to Remove Them?

My Wife's lipomas tend to attach and wrap around nerve clusters, which is typical of Dercum's. The Disease is very rare, & she also has... READ MORE

Why is Pain Back One Month After Second Lipoma Removal in Same Spot 5 Months Later?

Two large lipomas removed on left side of back by different doctors. first in May and second in November. same pain came back by early in early... READ MORE

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