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Lipoma Removal Recovery

How long is the recovery period after lipoma removal? Are there any restrictions during recovery? READ MORE

Risks and Recovery Period of Deep Lipoma Removal?

I have what is believed to be a lipoma in the small of my back. It is considered large and deep. I have had some pain and a lot of tingling and... READ MORE

Swelling After a Lipoma Removal

Hi, I had a lipoma from my back removed and there is a swelling now, which my doctor reduced a bit by syringing it out some blood. He couldnt take any... READ MORE

Lipoma Removal on Armpits Recovery

I will be having a lipoma removed from under both armpits. How will my recovery be? Will there be things I won't be able to do because I will be cut... READ MORE

Lipoma on Leg - Removal Recovery and Process

The doctor just diagnosed me with a lipoma and recommend that I see a surgeon. The location is my leg close to the shin area about the middle. My... READ MORE

Recovery Period for Lipoma Removal on Back?

I am thinking about getting a lipoma removed off of my back, between my spinal cord and my right shoulder blade. It's about the size of my hand, and... READ MORE

Lipoma Surgery in my Foot

The measurements are 2.8 cm in AP diameter x 1.5 cm tranverse diameter x 2 cm in height. How long would i be out of work? I'm on my feet all day... READ MORE

Getting Back to Work After Lipoma Removal

I have a Lipoma on my wrist that I would like to have removed. It has grown and now is causing my finger tips to feel cold and tingling. How long... READ MORE

Pain After Lipoma Surgery

I had lipoma surgery on shoulder a month ago. I am still haveing the same pain as I was having before the surgery. My doctor said because of the size... READ MORE

Right Flank Lipoma Recovery Time?

I have a large (8.5 x 5.0 cm) lipoma in the right flank area right beneath the external oblique muscle (yes, it is intra-muscular), just wondering how... READ MORE

Lipoma removal tomorrow. What to expect?

Under general anesthesia. I have lipoma on my right shoulder near my bra is going to be removed under general anesthesia.its size is 3.9... READ MORE

Aftercare for Lipoma Removal on Foot

I am having surygery on my right foot that a MRI impression says is a Lipoma. After a week off of it, what comes then for recovery? READ MORE

How long is the recovery for an osteoma removal endoscopically? It is normal to still have swelling?

I have this surgery done 1 month ago, I still have swelling, my doctor say it is normal and it will go away at the 3 month mark. I also had a... READ MORE

I have a tennis ball size lipoma on my inner thigh. I'm getting it removed soon. How long is the recovery`/

I think it has to do with my vericose veins being more pronounced on that leg. Can they be worked on together. I need the veins gone as they are... READ MORE

How Long For Recovery After Lipoma Removal?

I am having a Lipoma removed from under my armpit. How long would recovery be and will I be able to drive without damaging the healing/scar? READ MORE

How Long Will my Recovery Be After Surgery for Unusual Deltoid Lipoma Surgery?

I have a large (6.5 x 3.5 x5 cm) intramuscular lipoma deep to the deltoid muscle and abutting the head and neck of the humerous. I have been in pain... READ MORE

Recovery Period for Lipoma Removal on Leg?

I have 5 of them on the same leg. They are very painful, and at times I can hardly walk. I am supposed to have surgery in 3 weeks. What is the... READ MORE

Lipoma Removal on Left Rib - What to Expect?

I have a medium-large sized lipoma on my left rib at medium height. I want to know what to expect from surgery, recovery, and because of the ribs are... READ MORE

How Long Will the 1 Year Old Baby Recover After the Lypomyelocele Operation? What Kind of Doctor Do the Operation? (photo)

Located at the lower back MRI result Impression: Findings consistent with sacral lipomyelocele, demonstrating cord thetering against the intraspinal... READ MORE

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