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Can Forehead Lipoma Be Removed Without Cosmestic Surgery?

1.5"  Diameter Lipoma Center Forehead.  Dermatologist sent me to Plastic Surgeon who says I need to have head shaved and an... READ MORE

Lipoma Causing Back Pain?

I have two lipomas on my lower left back that the doctor thinks is causing my lower back pain. The MRI showed my spine to be in good condition, so he... READ MORE

Removal of a Capsulated Cyst on My Cheek Without Leaving a Scar? (photo)

I Have a Small Capsulated Cyst on my Upper Cheek, Can It Be Removed Without Leaving a Large Scar? READ MORE

I Have a Lipoma on my Neck and It's About the Size of a Golf Ball - What Should I Do?

Well i have a Lipoma on my neck from what my docter said. It's been causing me neck pain for a while now. So what do you think i should do. Also i... READ MORE

What's My Best Option For Multiple Lipoma Removal? I Have Hundreds.

I've got a hundred lipomas from my thighs to my arms, LG & S. There are so many that I think they are causing fatigue in my legs and causing... READ MORE

Small Lipoma Removed, Now Severe Bruising All Around Side- Normal? (photo)

My husband had a small lipoma, about the size of a quarter, removed from the left side of his back for cosmetic reasons 6 days ago (Tuesday). The... READ MORE

Fat Mass - Not Yet Been Diagnosed as Lipoma or Liposarcoma - Options?

After years of back pain, a neurosurgeon told me I needed bone fusion of my L4/L5. The MRI he ordered showed a fat mass and a further CT scan showed... READ MORE

Worried About Multiple Lipomas

I am very young and am worried about the lipomas I have. Will there be more of them? Will I be covered in scars if I keep getting them removed? Is... READ MORE

Can I Do Local Anesthesia at Doctors Office for Scalp Lipoma Removal?

I need lipoma removal on back of head mid-scalp area, the size is about 2 inches wide, just soft, fatty liquid. Outpatient hospital is too expensive,... READ MORE

Lipoma under jawline (Photo)

I have a lipoma about the length of the tip of my thumb to the first knuckle under my jawline. I am concerned about whether the resulting scar would... READ MORE

How to Treat Lipoma on an Infant?

My 9 month old son has a bump over his eyebrow. His pediatrician and dermatologist have both said it is a lipoma. It does not seem to bother him and... READ MORE

How to Treat Forehead Lipoma on Infant?

My 9 month old has a bump above his eyebrow. His pediatrician and dermatologist both said it is a lipoma and to see a plastic surgeon if we want it... READ MORE

Lipoma on Knee of the the Right Leg for 1 Year Old Baby Girl- Options? (photo)

Hello, My Baby Girl,1 year old,got a small soft lump on her knee of right leg very recently. We observed it 4 months ago but assumed its a small... READ MORE

Multiple Growths on Thigh - Lipomas or Cancer?

I am a 28-year-old male. I have had a small (1 cm) growth on my inner thigh just under the skin,diagnosed as a lipoma. The growth itself does not... READ MORE

Is There Any Nonsurgical Treatment for the Removal of Lipomas?

I have lipoma tumors in hand,legs,and hips.The size of the tumor is increasing and also new tumors are growing.Is there any nonsurgical treatment for... READ MORE

Lipoma Removal Options

I am 34 year old female. I have many lipomas in my arms and legs. On one leg I have about five along my illital band from hip to top of knee. I have... READ MORE

Left Foot Lipoma, Calcaneus Bone, It Has Started to Hurt.

Hello 7 months ago i went to MR, my left foot started to hurt at while i was working, on MR the doctors said that it is a "LIPOMA INTRAOSSEALIS... READ MORE

I Have a Lipoma Just Above my Knee and It Has Increased in Size and Causes Me Discomfort. What Should I Do?

The lipoma is quite large and there is a significant size difference in my legs. I feel throbbing in the actual lipoma and I get sharp and dull pains... READ MORE

I Have Episacral Lipomas. Very Painful! Injections Dont Work! What Are my Options?

These are compressing my nerves. Which cause burning sensations depending on where they move to. What are my removal options? Recovery time, and is... READ MORE

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