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Do I Have to Get Lipomas Surgically Removed?

I have three lipomas and I am debating what to do about them.  Do I have to have them removed?  Is there any danger if I decide not to have... READ MORE

Nonsurgical Lipoma Removal

I am 25years 5 feet tall and 59 kgs (overweight). I have lipoma in the right underarm (up and down). How to get rid of it without doing surgery. Is it... READ MORE

Non-surgical Lipoma Removal Possible?

Is there another way besides surgical lipoma removal to get rid of lipomas? I have one that is 4 inches on the left side of my back. My insurance at... READ MORE

Is Limpotab Effective for Lipoma Removal on the Neck?

Would anyone recommend an non-surgical approach to Lipoma removal? Especially if the Lipoma is located in a high risk area like mine(the neck). I'm... READ MORE

Is Surgery The Only Option For Recurring Wrist Lipoma?

I understand lipoma's can recur if some tissue was missed upon removal. That seems to be my issue after having a lipoma in my wrist removed 16... READ MORE

Non-invasive Comestic Treatments for Lipoma Removal?

Would treatments such as cavitation or ultrasound cavitation or lipolysis would work for remove or at least reduce the size of lipomas? I have many,... READ MORE

Non Surgical Choices for Lipoma Removal or Reduction?

My mom has lipomas under the skin on her arms and legs. Her dermatologist said they would have to be surgically removed but she would have scarring.... READ MORE

Is There Any Nonsurgical Treatment for the Removal of Lipomas?

I have lipoma tumors in hand,legs,and hips.The size of the tumor is increasing and also new tumors are growing.Is there any nonsurgical treatment for... READ MORE

Ways to get rid of Lipoma without surgery?

I am 15 years old and I'm pretty sure I have a lipoma right outside my inner rib. At times I can feel it and it hurts but other times It sort of... READ MORE

I am 26 years old. How to removed Lipoma without surgery?

I m 26 years old and inside spine lipoma 5.3cm size. How to removed without surgery treatment please help. And pain in leg READ MORE

Can I do any thing to make a lipoma lump dissolve, go away without surgery?

I have a good size lump on the lower inside of both my legs that has developed over the past year. I weigh 145, and take dedicated thyroid meds for... READ MORE

Verified neck lipoma. Any treatments other than surgery? (Photo)

Hi there, I have a lipoma on my left side where my neck meets my shoulder. I've had it biopsied and an MRI taken. It's extremely deep and surgeons... READ MORE

A doctor from France tell me he had 2 lipomas he got rid using blood thinners. Can blood thinners be used to get rid of lipomas.

I have a lipoma that hurts and sets on a main nerve and my liver. Doctors don't want to try to remove it for fear of hitting one of the two. I have... READ MORE

Lumps on lower cheeks/side of mouth (photos)

I have noticed over the past year that I have began to develop lumps at the side of my mouth which seem to be progressively getting worse. As you can... READ MORE

Lipoma on backside of my lip. Any suggestions?

I have lipoma on lip I don't want any surgery and scar can natural remedy of turmeric and olive oil paste can cure this READ MORE

Hundreds of Painful Lipomas With Dercum's Disease: Non-Surgical Ways to Remove Them?

My Wife's lipomas tend to attach and wrap around nerve clusters, which is typical of Dercum's. The Disease is very rare, & she also has... READ MORE

I have 5 lipomas in my stomach, how to avoid lipomas non surgically?

I have 5 lipomas in my stomach, how to aviod lipomas non surgical. only tablets please suggest me READ MORE

I have lipoma in my head. Any suggestions?

In my head 5 lipoma tumers,I need without surgical treatment. READ MORE

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