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I have a cyst on my forehead needs removing. What options do I have? (Photo)

I have a cyst or a lipoma i am not sure what it is classified as but i have had it for 6 years it is on the right side of my forehead and it is... READ MORE

Can Forehead Lipoma Be Removed Without Cosmestic Surgery?

1.5"  Diameter Lipoma Center Forehead.  Dermatologist sent me to Plastic Surgeon who says I need to have head shaved and an... READ MORE

Best Course of Action for Removing Large Lipoma Near Spine?

It's only been visually inspected by my GP and called a lipoma. I haven't had a biopsy. It's approximately 6x9cm and egg shaped. I'm a little... READ MORE

Infiltrating Lipoma in Right Lower Back Muscle.

Hello, I've had a lipoma in my right lower back muscle for a few years. Its approximately 2 inches in diameter and sometimes the muscle under the... READ MORE

How to Tell Madelung from Regular Lipoma?

I am 41 yo male. I workout, eat well and do drink wine quite often. My dad had madelung disease but never knew how he handled it. I started getting... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Regrow Removed Lipoma?

My son is 10,he had abdominal lipoma. we got that removed by surgery 5 years ago,there was no symptoms up to now ,but now i see his abdomen is bigger... READ MORE

How to Treat Lipoma on an Infant?

My 9 month old son has a bump over his eyebrow. His pediatrician and dermatologist have both said it is a lipoma. It does not seem to bother him and... READ MORE

Multiple Growths on Thigh - Lipomas or Cancer?

I am a 28-year-old male. I have had a small (1 cm) growth on my inner thigh just under the skin,diagnosed as a lipoma. The growth itself does not... READ MORE

Will Hair Grow Back After Lipoma Removal on the Back of the Head?

The lipoma is about an inch and half from my right ear, its a little bit smaller than a golf ball. After the surgery, will hair grow back around that... READ MORE

What to Do of a LIPOMA?

Dear Dr, I am a male of 67 years of age and 6 feet tall weigh 197lbs I noticed a lump on the left groin about a yr ago and had it checked. My doctor... READ MORE

Is There Anyway to Prevent Recurring Lipomas?

My husband suffers dreadfully with lipomas...he has done since the age of 10. As he has got older (now 65) he gets them im multiples. They just grow... READ MORE

Options for Lipoma Removal on Keloid-prone Skin?

I keloid really badly, but wish to get rid of a few of my lipomas.Do I have any options, even if they are not covered by insurance? I am a 32 yr old... READ MORE

Multiple lipomas-treatment?

Am 26 yes old guy. I have many lipomas on my hands, legs, abdomen, and chest areas, consulted many doctors..they say it does not affect you. Iet it be... READ MORE

Do I have a lipoma or something else?

I am a male (22) with a small lump in my left chest which 2 doctors have said is lipoma. I have had it for 6 months and it's seems grow slowly but is... READ MORE

To remove or not remove a scalp lipoma?

My father has a scalp lipoma on the right side of his scalp. We had it was diagnosed through biopsy a year ago. It didn't bother him before so the... READ MORE

I'm an 18 year old male with 100 Lipomas (all under 1 inch) covering my body. What is your advice for removal?

Doctor i'm a 18 yr old male and i get embarass with this lipomas i have, i have 100's of them on my body all of them under one inch, if i think about... READ MORE

How to Remove Fluid Already Collected Under Skin

I did the operation for removing a lipoma one month ago the last two weeks i felt there is fluid collected under the skin which i feel not comfortable... READ MORE

Should Lipoma in the Psoas Muscle Be Removed?

During a routine scan before prostate surgery, a tumor showed up in my husband's right psoas muscle which could be a lipoma or a liposarcoma. He is... READ MORE

Are There Any Current Research Efforts for Lipomas?

49 year old male. Too many lipomas to count. First lipoma noticed as junior in college. Have had many removed. Now just living with them. What is the... READ MORE

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