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What Can Be Done About Painful Lipomas in Leg?

I have lipomas in my leg. I used to only have one but now I have three: two in one leg and one in the other. When I work out, the area around there... READ MORE

Lipoma on Leg - Removal Recovery and Process

The doctor just diagnosed me with a lipoma and recommend that I see a surgeon. The location is my leg close to the shin area about the middle. My... READ MORE

I have over 40 lipoma on my left leg alone. Is Lipoma Removal Covered by Insurance?

I have over 40 lipoma on my left leg alone. Is surgery covered by insurance? I'm tired of these things, and I seem to be getting more and more of them... READ MORE

Best Way to Remove Multiple Lipomas?

Hi, I am Bhupathi and 28 yrs old. I have nearly 300 lipoma in my whole body. Most of the lipoma stayed in arms,legs and stomach. I am searching for... READ MORE

Large Lipoma in Groin Area

If You Have a Large Lipoma About 10 Centimeter in Height and It is Not Under the Skin... It is attached to the muscle and it is in my groin area and I... READ MORE

Non Surgical Choices for Lipoma Removal or Reduction?

My mom has lipomas under the skin on her arms and legs. Her dermatologist said they would have to be surgically removed but she would have scarring.... READ MORE

Will Lipomas Reoccur After Removal?

I have multiple lipomas (50+). To put it plainly, they're embarassing. I can also feel them when they are growing and occasionally they hurt; for me,... READ MORE

Does Insurance Cover Lipoma Removal? 20 on Each Arm, and a Lg One Near my Spine.

I have several "lumps" under the skin on my arms and legs most are firm and pea sized. I have one near my spine that has a shocking feeling... READ MORE

Lipomas in Face in Cheek Area and Lower Legs?

50 yo female- Diagnosed by touch, Lipomas in Face in cheek area and lower legs. Causing numbness and some discomfort causing sleeplessness. Veterans... READ MORE

Is This a Lipoma? Found a Hard Rock or Bebe Like Thing in Leg? (photo)

I had a fatty growth removed from my leg last week. I had a small pea sized lump in my leg that was only noticeable if I touched it. After my doctor... READ MORE

Why do I have so many lipomas and why are they so painful? (photos)

I have over 70 on my legs and arms. The larger ones are on my legs and are not noticeable unless I wear shorts. Problem is that they are very painful.... READ MORE

Lipoma Removal Options

I am 34 year old female. I have many lipomas in my arms and legs. On one leg I have about five along my illital band from hip to top of knee. I have... READ MORE

I Have a Lipoma Just Above my Knee and It Has Increased in Size and Causes Me Discomfort. What Should I Do?

The lipoma is quite large and there is a significant size difference in my legs. I feel throbbing in the actual lipoma and I get sharp and dull pains... READ MORE

Can a Lipoma Result in my Leg Being Sore?

I have been diagnosed with a lipoma on my right lower leg, just above the ankle. my whole leg is sore right up to the knee. the actual bump on the leg... READ MORE

How Soon After Lipoma Removal Can You Resume Exercise?

I have three lipomas on legs one is 4cm and i would like to have them removed. how soon after removal can i resume my exercise routine? READ MORE

I have over 60 lipomas on my upper legs and some on my arms as well. If I have them removed will they just grow back? (photo)

I am a 39 year old female with type-1 diabetes. These lipomas started showing up in my early 20's. Most of them are painful when pressure is applied. READ MORE

Which Doctor to Go for a Confirmation on a Suspected Lipoma?

I am a med student and I am 99% certain that I have a lipoma on my leg on my legs which is now limiting my exercise and causing pain, how ever I do... READ MORE

Hundreds of Painful Lipomas With Dercum's Disease: Non-Surgical Ways to Remove Them?

My Wife's lipomas tend to attach and wrap around nerve clusters, which is typical of Dercum's. The Disease is very rare, & she also has... READ MORE

What Treatment Should I Seek for Unencapsulated Lipoma on my Shin?

Besides the cosmetic concern, my leg is uncomfortable/ tender in the lumpy and surrounding areas. I've got some knee pain which may be related, &... READ MORE

Recovery Period for Lipoma Removal on Leg?

I have 5 of them on the same leg. They are very painful, and at times I can hardly walk. I am supposed to have surgery in 3 weeks. What is the... READ MORE

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