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Multiple Lipoma Treatment?

I have multiple lipoma all over on my body and i want to remove by can you please tell me how long is it treatment take and what is the... READ MORE

I have a bulge after 4x5inch Lipoma Removal off of Rib Cage. Any suggestion? (photos)

I had a 4x5 inch lipoma removed in the dr's office 2 1/2 weeks ago. When the dr cut in, it was much deeper than she thought protruding between bottom... READ MORE

Lipoma removal under local anesthesia but no drain? (Photo)

I had a lipoma removed under both armpits. The one in the picture was 18g. The 1-inch incision was done under local anesthetic and the procedure was... READ MORE

Removing Lipoma from My right front upper shoulder

Hello, I have a 3cm Lipoma in my shoulder and I am trying to show video to my surgeon to minimize the cut, as said it would be 3cm maybe more. It has... READ MORE

I have a numb hard sack under the incision from my lipoma surgery. (Photo)

Nine days ago I had a 3cm lipoma removed from my chin. Because there was no real pain I have only been taking Advil. I now have a hard numb sack... READ MORE

I have swelling and bruising after a lipoma removal surgery. Is this normal?

I had a lipoma removal 6 weeks ago on my thigh. The incision has healed nicely. However a couple of weeks ago it started swelling and its hard and... READ MORE

Lipoma removal 6 weeks ago and incision site is not healing (photo)

I had two lipomas removed 6 weeks ago. my incision site has not long will the wound need to be packed? why is it not healing? READ MORE

Is there any way multiple abdominal lipomas can be removed without need to do incision?

Maybe using the umbilical cord, to avoid the scars? Thank you for your answer. READ MORE

Pain under lipoma incision site. Should I be concerned?

I had 6 lipoma removes 5 weeks ago. 1 from left thigh. Tonight I felt a pop in the muscle under incision sight and now I am experiencing a pain in my... READ MORE

Lipomas removed 6 months Post TT MR

I had 7 lipomas removed a week ago and some were quite big my surgeon removed them I almost six months post opt they were very painful he made 4... READ MORE

Lipoma removal has left large indent in my arm. Normal? Is there anything to fix the large caved in area on my arm? (photo)

I had lipoma surgery 3 weeks ago, and it has left a huge caved in area on my upper left arm. The incision is about an inch and a half. The lipoma was... READ MORE

Removal of lipoma on my lower back.

Hello, I have a small lipoma on my lower back next to my spine bones. It's basically on the muscle that runs up the spine. I can actually grab it and... READ MORE

I had a small lipoma removed from back of my neck. Sutures and glue to close .

I still have lump over top of incision. Also have small amount of drainage. Rest of incision is closed.It's been 8 wks. Should I go back to Dr. Have... READ MORE

Lipoma removed. Hit head on healing scar. Now I have a "new" bump. Is it hematoma?

I had a lipoma removed on my forehead. I hit my head on the fridge door less than two weeks after my surgery. I JUST got my sutures taken out when... READ MORE

Does incision site look normal? (Photo)

As of today 10/17/15 I am 4 days shy of 3 weeks post op. Lateral incision was infected, my Thotacic lipoma site is very itchy, swollen and noticeably... READ MORE

Swollen lump at lipoma incision site 6 days later. Is this normal? How long to heal?

I had a 3cm lipoma removed off my forehead 6 days ago. After surgery the site was flat, 2 days later my eye swelled, and now at day 5 and 6 there is a... READ MORE

how long will it before I can go on with my life without pain from the incision from my lipoma removal?

My surgeon said that the lipoma was about as big as a baseball and was on my left rib, they made about an inch long incision, how long will it be... READ MORE

Is fluid build up normal two months after having lipomas removed from outer thighs?

I had surgery a little over two months ago. I have seen my surgeon and he said everything looked fine. I have been to the emergency room twice now.... READ MORE

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