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Swelling After a Lipoma Removal

Hi, I had a lipoma from my back removed and there is a swelling now, which my doctor reduced a bit by syringing it out some blood. He couldnt take any... READ MORE

How Long Does Lipoma Surgery Take to Heal from Your Back?

I recently got a lipoma removed from my back. It was a couple of cm long. Im on day 2 and it still hurts, I am afraid to lay on my back feeling it... READ MORE

Fist Size Lipoma Removed - Hole Remains From Drainage Tube

I recently had a fist sized lipoma removed from the upper back on the right. After the removal of the lipoma, a tube draining blood was inserted, what... READ MORE

Benign Bump? (photo)

I have a 1/2 inch benign bump under my armpit (had it checked out by a doctor) and wanted to know what the effort, cost, options, healing to get it... READ MORE

Large Swelling After Lipoma Removal Surgery?

I had a subcutaneous lipoma removed from the back of my head under local anesthesia. A day later my head is swollen to a point that the shape of my... READ MORE

1 week post op Lipoma removal, I started bleeding again and swelling. Is this normal? (photos)

A wee ago I went in to get a lipoma removed from my upper left inner thigh and it went good I think. Everything was going well the next couple of days... READ MORE

Lipoma removal under local anesthesia but no drain? (Photo)

I had a lipoma removed under both armpits. The one in the picture was 18g. The 1-inch incision was done under local anesthetic and the procedure was... READ MORE

What sort of precautions should I take after Lipoma removal?

I do have Lipoma in armpit and around fist size, operation is this week. What hygiene and food precautions I should take after operation. How long... READ MORE

I have swelling and bruising after a lipoma removal surgery. Is this normal?

I had a lipoma removal 6 weeks ago on my thigh. The incision has healed nicely. However a couple of weeks ago it started swelling and its hard and... READ MORE

Lipoma removal 6 weeks ago and incision site is not healing (photo)

I had two lipomas removed 6 weeks ago. my incision site has not long will the wound need to be packed? why is it not healing? READ MORE

Is it possible that lipomas can be absorbed by the body healing itself?

I have a very painful lipoma on my wrist/hand. Does it ever just disappear? READ MORE

Is this healing correctly? (Photos)

I had 3 inch benign tumor removed 8 days ago. My post op appointment is in 5 more days. I would think swelling would be down a week after surgery.... READ MORE

3 months since I had a deep rooted, golf ball sized lipoma removed from my ribcage, with non stop pain? (Photo)

Been experiencing a lot of pain since having a lipoma removed. Was informed not to bathe in the area for a week, due to possible infection. 3 months... READ MORE

Do these lipoma removal stitches look un-healed and/or infected? (photo)

I'm supposed to get the stitches (above my tibialis anterior muscle) out in the next 1-3 days and I'm nervous that they're not ready to come out &... READ MORE

Is it normal feel numbness and weakness in the arm, shoulder,neck and lower back after Lipoma removal 4 mos. ago. (photo)

4 months ago, I undergo a surgery to remove a lipoma on my right upper back,near the scapula side.Histopath results show its a Lipoma. Wounds... READ MORE

Lypoma on Top and Ganglion Cyst Underneath. What is the Normal Healing Time For Removal?

I had what i thought was a lipoma removed from my anke , when the doctor opened it up he said it was very big (size of a tangerine )he said on top was... READ MORE

How Long Will Recovery Take After a Lipoma Removal from the Lower Back?

I have a 2-3 mm diameter lipoma of filum terminale extending approx. 3.6 cm in lengt5h and centered at upper s2 level. It also says i have a mild... READ MORE

What to expect after a 10 lipoma surgery right shoulder blade? (photos)

I have the surgery done 3 weeks ago and I am still off from work. There was no drainage and the sutures seems to be healed at this point. The area... READ MORE

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