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Lipoma Biopsy: When Is It Done?

I had a 3rd ultrasound on Monday of this week for a benign lump (lipoma) in my chest and rec'd a call from my family doctor telling me that the... READ MORE

Why Did Lipoma Grow Back After Removal?

I have a lipoma removed from my back by surgery and now its grown back - WHY? READ MORE

Risks of Lipoma Removal in the Neck?

I have a lipoma on the front part of my neck and it's growing rapidly. I want a cosmetic removal. Are there any risks involved since its on my neck?... READ MORE

How Long Does It Take for a Lipoma to Grow?

I have a intramuscle deltoid lipoma. I changed insurance companies 8 months ago and they will only cover my surgery costs if I can prove it was not... READ MORE

I have a quarter sized fatty lump on my forehead. Will my insurance cover it's removal?

It has gradually grown over the last 4 years and sometimes causes headaches. READ MORE

Is This a Lipoma? Found a Hard Rock or Bebe Like Thing in Leg? (photo)

I had a fatty growth removed from my leg last week. I had a small pea sized lump in my leg that was only noticeable if I touched it. After my doctor... READ MORE

What Questions Should I Ask a Surgeon About Removing a 9 Cm Lipoma from the Back of my Neck?

I've had the lipoma for over five years and it has grown 4 cm in 15 months. I'd like to have it removed primarily for cosmetic reasons. I'll be seeing... READ MORE

Lipoma!? Tumor? Remove? Hurts?

I went to a doctor and he said it was fatty tissue.. Months pass and I noticed it got bigger.. Not too big but almost the length if my pinky.. I play... READ MORE

I Have a Fleshy Growth on my Back What Could This Be Its Been Growing for The Last 10 Years?

It can be seen through my cloths i do not feel any pain and its about the size of a marbel READ MORE

Will Exercise Affect the Size of my Lipoma?

Upper extremitie lower extremitis,some in back... READ MORE

Lipoma Vs. Fibrolipoma?

Hello Doctors. Question 1. Can a "regular" Lipoma grow into a Fibrolipoma (especially after it was removed once about 10 years ago? ) Question 2. Can... READ MORE

My Lipoma is starting to hurt & grow; what should I do?

I have a lipoma from few years ago on back of my neck recently it start to hurt and grow bigger when i touch it feel like there is some liquid under... READ MORE

This growth has been on my head since birth or childhood... What is it? How can it be removed? (Photo)

It is raised all around some looser does not hurt and never has..its always been the same I get older I want it gone..please hep READ MORE

Is this a lipoma or something more serious?

I have had a growth where my arm meets my shoulder for 9 years now. It has never hurt and still to this day does not hurt. It is pretty squishy but... READ MORE

I have multiple lipoma in whole body expect face. I want to remove or growth stopped. Any suggestions?

My lipoma quantity about 50 to 60 in my body expect face.. sir i am 30 year old i have many multiple lipoma in my whole body..i am worried about... READ MORE

Can a lipoma start growing due to hormone changes caused by pregnancy?

Thank you for a very informative webpage. Has there been any research on why lipomas grow in size? Can a lipoma start growing due to hormon changes... READ MORE

What Affect Does Chemo Have on Large Painful Lipomas?

I have a very, very large painful lipoma positioned right over my diaphragm/stomach. I was dx with fNHL and have just finished 6 rounds of R-CHOP. I... READ MORE

How is a Lipoma Diagnosed?

I had a lump that grew slowly from early spring last year, until school started. I saw the family md mid december, who said it was a lipoma and I... READ MORE

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