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How Much Will It Cost Me to Have my Facial Cyst Removed? (photo)

I have a cyst on my face the size of a nickel and is still growing. How do I go about having it removed and what is the most it will cost me? READ MORE

Lipoma Treatment Advice?

I have two lipomas in the lower head area, and few around the waist region. It has been over three years since I have had these lumps, and a few of... READ MORE

I've Had a Lipoma In My Left Armpit Since 2003, And This Year Is Started Growing. Can I Use Deodorant?

I've Had a Lipoma In My Left Armpit Since 2003, And This Year Is Started Growing. Can I Use Deodorant? READ MORE

Remove Neck Lipoma or Not

I have a lipoma on the right side of my neck which i started feeling since 4 years now. The lipoma seems to be growing very slowly. It is about 5cm... READ MORE

My lipoma has gotten bigger in my chest region. Should I be worried?

My lipoma want from 9.5 cm to 10.7 cm in three weeks . now the ultrasound says in my chest region. Should I be worried READ MORE

Do I have a lipoma or something else?

I am a male (22) with a small lump in my left chest which 2 doctors have said is lipoma. I have had it for 6 months and it's seems grow slowly but is... READ MORE

I am 80 years old. Should I have it removed?

I have a large mass called lipoma. ( fatty tumor).On the inside of my knee( left leg and the other leg is growing, and getting larger. I am healthy... READ MORE

Lipoma Recurrence?

Two years ago a lump appeared on my lower back. Biopsy was inconclusive so decided to leave it alone. After it grew quickly to 15cm it was removed and... READ MORE

Lipoma removal on neck? (photo)

Hi I have had a very slow growing lump in my neck just to the left of my Adam's apple and now it's grown over my Adam's apple . The lump is quite... READ MORE

Will OHIP cover lipoma removal in Canada?

Ive had a lump just under the base of my skull for 4 yrs since Ive had it Ive been getting severe headaches some so bad my vision goes black. The... READ MORE

Large, seemingly fast growing Lipoma on toddler's back. Will she need major surgery? (Photo)

My toddler is 3 years old, and has been having annual ultrasounds on what has been hesitantly labelled as an intramuscular lipoma within the trapezius... READ MORE

I have a 15 yr old lipoma/fatty tumor at the nape of my neck, it's tennis ball size & growing close to my ear. What should I do?

Hello My name is Sandra... I have had a lipoma/ fatty tumor for about 15 yrs. It is in the nape of My neck and head is growing close to My ear and It... READ MORE

How long does it take for space from Lipoma removal to grow in?

I had a large lipoma about 8cm removed at the end of may. no drain was put in, nor did he say to wear a binder until after f/up visit..which he... READ MORE

Is This Lipoma?

I have got many small balls on my all over body, specially on my hand and waist. These things are growing in numbers as well as size. Near my waist,... READ MORE

Lipoma on back. Should I be concerned?

My former doctor diagnosed a lump on the right side of my back as Lipoma approximately 7 years ago. He told me that there was no need to worry or to... READ MORE

Why does my lipoma keep growing?

I've had a lipoma on my back for a while and lately its been growing... why does it keep growing and what can u do to make it stop growing? READ MORE

I Am Woman Aged 79 Years and Have a Fatty Lump on my Left Under Arm Which is Growing and Becoming Bigger?

I am woman aged 79 years and have a fatty / tissue lump on my left under arm which is growing and becoming bigger and now approching my left breast is... READ MORE

Lipo-suction for Lipoma. Is An Invasive Procedure Necessary?

I have a 9 cm lipoma in my thigh wrapped around the biceps femoris muscle that has been there for 30 years but in the last 5, has suddenly tripled in... READ MORE

Lipomas at 16 a Sign of Something Worse?

I am sixteen and had three lipomas removed from my back because of the pain, they were big and began to grow, is this bad? READ MORE

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