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Can Healthy Weight Loss Reduce a Lipoma?

Is it possible to reduce lipoma size via significant, sensible weight loss? In that they are comprised of fat cells, it seems to my medically and... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Completely and Thoroughly Remove a Lipoma?

I have a rather large lipoma on my upper back. I had a similar mass removed surgically several years ago, but it returned. This is unsightly, and I... READ MORE

Is Removing a Lipoma on the Back of the Head Risky for a 14-year-old?

My daughter was born with a lipoma on the back of her head.... She is now 14 and the bump is about the size of a golf ball. Our new doctor is... READ MORE

Lipomas in Face in Cheek Area and Lower Legs?

50 yo female- Diagnosed by touch, Lipomas in Face in cheek area and lower legs. Causing numbness and some discomfort causing sleeplessness. Veterans... READ MORE

Why do I have so many lipomas and why are they so painful? (photos)

I have over 70 on my legs and arms. The larger ones are on my legs and are not noticeable unless I wear shorts. Problem is that they are very painful.... READ MORE

Lipoma Removal Options

I am 34 year old female. I have many lipomas in my arms and legs. On one leg I have about five along my illital band from hip to top of knee. I have... READ MORE

Can I get the two lipomas in my scalp removed at the same time and will I have to shave that side of my head? (photo)

I have been having these 2 knots in my head since I was a kid. As I got older the knots got bigger. I went to the emergency room around 2009 because... READ MORE

I have over 60 lipomas on my upper legs and some on my arms as well. If I have them removed will they just grow back? (photo)

I am a 39 year old female with type-1 diabetes. These lipomas started showing up in my early 20's. Most of them are painful when pressure is applied. READ MORE

How much would it cost to remove facial cyst without insurance? (Photo)

I'm a young adult female who has a penny sized cyst on my cheek bone. It started off a lot smaller over a year ago and it has grown and I can no... READ MORE

Chest lipoma- What could be going on here? (photos)

I lift weights so i have defined chest muscles. noticed a bump on top of my one muscle that ached. Had lipoma removed in feb 2015 and it's now 2 1/2... READ MORE

Lipoma Removal for 8 Year Old Child? Safe to Undergo Surgery at This Age?

My daughter has this lipoma in between her eyes and nose.  About 4 times already, we visited a certain surgeon to remove this but I was afraid my... READ MORE

Recurrence of Lipoma?

Hi I am a 28yo female who had a lipoma surgically removed back in july this year. according to the surgeon he was very worried lipoma was bigger then... READ MORE

I'm wandering how I can remove lipoma from my bottom and what the cost would be? (photos)

Hi I'm a 32 year old woman I've had lipoma since I was 16 It's on my arms,neck,legs, and bottom it has been a huge insecurity for me I was wandering... READ MORE

Can I Run Even Though my Lipoma Feels Like It's Hitting a Nerve?

I recently found out I have a lipoma on my lower right back. Apparently it's hitting a nerve so there's pain going up my back and down my leg.... READ MORE

Will a Lipoma on my Scalp Near my Ear Be the Cause of my Tinnitus?

I have had the lipoma since birth, I am a 38 yr old female, and developed tinnitis at age 30. I don't use any OTC drugs or illicit ones either. :)... READ MORE

6 Year Old Daughter w/ 2 Lipomas

My 6yr Old Daughter Has Had Her Button (Lipoma) Since Birth, Now Has a Buddy Nxt 2 It? her buddy arrived a year ago but notice it is now purple. I... READ MORE

Who do I see for treatment and removal for Lipoma?

I am a 48 yr old female. I have hundreds of lipomas on my waist, arms, legs, head. My father had hundreds and hundreds removed from early 40's to... READ MORE

Lipoma in left groin area mixed up with muscles in leg. I'm 65, female. How long will it take to recover after surgery?

I had MRI and dr. Appointment next week. I am in horrible burning pain. After reading some comments, I am terrified. Is recovery long? I was planning... READ MORE

Hundreds of Painful Lipomas With Dercum's Disease: Non-Surgical Ways to Remove Them?

My Wife's lipomas tend to attach and wrap around nerve clusters, which is typical of Dercum's. The Disease is very rare, & she also has... READ MORE

My Son Has a HUGE Lipoma Along His Lumbar Region and a Neurosurgeon Won't Remove It

My son has complex special needs (25 different diagnoses) and we went to the neurologist in the first place because my son didn't seem to be... READ MORE

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